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The Brand & Campaign Context

ITL BioMedical enables the best clinical outcomes through innovative tools for blood management and clinical procedures. As a global provider of blood management and clinical procedure tools with a significant portfolio of intellectual property, we consistently look to the future and leverage input from healthcare markets worldwide to advance our products. Our world-class manufacturing facility and R&D lab develop and rigorously test our advancements ensuring our innovations are designed with the utmost quality for an introduction on a global basis. At ITL BioMedical, we support the best clinical outcomes by providing essential tools for safe and efficient blood collection, processing, and transfer. Our rigorously tested and compliant tools enable blood bank managers, collection, and lab staff to easily follow proper protocols that ensure staff, donors, and patient safety and process efficiency. As global leaders in blood safety, we know the challenges that come with blood safety and quality, a shrinking donor population, and rising costs and therefore design our tools for optimizing your blood collection, processing and transfer procedures.