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Our Missions for Fluid X

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The Brand & Campaign Context

The Fluid X, a young sports equipment brand from Hong Kong, is a series of multi-functional, high-appearance sports water bags specially designed for fitness enthusiasts. Fluid X products are made from premium PVC and the bags can be easily stored or carried while traveling. Using a water bag for instability training exercises all stable muscles in the body to enhance core, performance, and coordination. With COVID-19, in-home fitness has become a hot topic all over the world, and it's especially true in China. With his context in mind, The Fluid X company contacted GMA to expand their brand concept to consumers on the mainland of China. GMA not only helps them build their brand image, but also sets up and manages a Tmall Store.


Co-branding campaign between FluidX, Fila sports outfit, and Top Chinese influencer Johny Huang (黄景瑜. weibo link , 22M follower)