CLIENT: Fizimed

Fizimed - Connected Kegel Trainer Designed and Manufactured in France.

Our Missions for Fizimed

E-Reputation Website Branding Market Survey

The Brand & Campaign Context

Fizimed is the first connected kegel trainer brand designed and manufactured in France. Emy is a wireless probe to strengthen your perineum. Connected to a fun mobile application, Emy allows you to do your perineum rehabilitation at home alone or in addition to the rehabilitation sessions carried out with your physiotherapist, midwife, or therapist. In women, after childbirth or at the time of menopause, for example, it is important to maintain a good perineal tone to avoid stress urinary incontinence problems and in the most serious cases, an operation to place strips. Emy allows you to have better control of your bladder and is recommended for the treatment of stress urinary incontinence, prolapse, or as a preventive measure. GMA helped the Fizimed brand with their overall marketing strategy with website optimization, branding, and market survey.