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Elixirs & Co. - Close to Flowers and Nature.

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The Brand & Campaign Context

Elixirs & Co is a pioneering and visionary company, which has been working for 30 years to facilitate the access of Bach flowers to the greatest number of people. Thanks to Bach flowers and through complete and varied ranges, their products provide natural answers to the difficulties and problems of everyday life. Close to flowers and nature, Elixirs & Co also cultivates a precious relationship with its consumers, we make them the center of our preoccupation in order to respond to all their needs. Personal Advice, consultation, and their personalities are here for your well being. Their adviser will be happy to meet you in their three Parisian shops, where customers will meet the full range of exceptional products with Bach flowers. For people who don’t live in Paris, they can find the online store on 24/24. The Bach flowers will help customers to achieve their personal growth, so don’t hesitate and come visit! Gérard Wolf created the company “Fleurs essences et harmonie”. He opened the first shop in the world exclusively for advice and sales of certified organic Bach flowers for their high quality. GMA helped the brand through SEO on Baidu, KOLs campaigns on Little Red Book and Weibo & WeChat account management.


Baidu SEO

  • 3 keywords ranked on the 1st page (“#Elixirs&Co”; “伊乐丝“; “Bach flower essence”) in 1 month
  • +600 website views


  • 8 posts in 1 month
  • +1,000 followers in 1 month


  • 4 posts in 1 month
  • +200 followers in 1 month
  • +4,221 views in 1 month

Little Red Book

  • 20 KOLs campaigns
  • 4,982 RMB total sales on the online store
  • 40 product units sold
  • 4 posts in 1 month