CLIENT: Damac Properties

Our Missions for Damac Properties

Lead Generation Branding Real Estate Platform E-reputation SEO on Baidu WeChat and Weibo management Quality design

The Brand & Campaign Context

The upper classes in China are more attracted by international re-location than ever before. Owning property abroad is increasingly the most popular form of investment for the wealthy in China. Collecting information before purchasing is an essential step in the process for Chinese property investors. Research is done online, and having a strong digital presence allows you to be more visible and attractive to investors. This is why it is so important to build a good e-reputation. Visibility + Reputation = Lead Generation in China. “Damac Properties” is a luxury Real Estate company from Dubaï, they provide luxury dream homes with unique designs and stylistic concepts.


– Double traffic from SEO with 13 main keywords
– Good position from off-site and on-site promotion
– Top 1 on Juwai with 海外房产网 keyword
– +1100 followers on Weibo and +400 on WeChat
– Over 120 leads in one month on contact page