CLIENT: Chaton

Our Missions for Chaton

Media selection for release PR writing

The Brand & Campaign Context

The fashion market in China is expected to be responsible for 30% of the global fashion market growth and become the world’s second biggest market in 2020. China is still facing a trust issue regarding product quality and authenticity. Chinese consumers will prefer well-established and recognized labels. Chinese consumers are not only looking for logos anymore but are informed consumers. The research phase is rather critical in their buying decision process. Hence the importance to implement a digital strategy. CHATQN is a high end lingerie brand. It was created in 2013 by a multicultural couple :this French-Russian cooperation gave life to a very sensual brand. They have set their mind on entering the Chinese market: with the luxury lingerie market now maturing and local consumers craving invisible luxuries, they have seen it as a great opportunity to target this new clientele.


  • 30 press articles
  • Exposure: 300 000 views
  • The brand was approached by a distributor
  • A better brand notoriety in China and the start of a business collaboration