CLIENT: Botinical

Botinical - Reinventing Pharmacy.

Our Missions for Botinical

Weibo Account Creation WeChat Account Creation Social Media Campaigns Promotion PR

The Brand & Campaign Context

A pioneer in health, beauty, and well-being, Boticinal is reinventing the Pharmacy of tomorrow, in an immersive and striking concept. In order to better meet the needs of its customers, many experts and coaches are present in pharmacies to advise them and support them in their daily objectives (Pharmacists graduates in orthopedics, Boticinal Dietetic Coach, baby planners, aromatherapists, beauty experts, etc.)! Health is a major concern for all of us. Eat healthily, practice a sport, or physical activity on a daily basis, be able to get information, use new services that really make our lives easier, consume responsibly…. These are all signs that show the need for different support: comprehensive, global, and adapted to everyone! The company reached us to take care of its Wechat and Weibo account creation and campaign creation and promotion, but also PR in order to increase its visibility in China.


  • Increased brand awareness in China
  • Increased visibility & e-reputation in China
  • Campaigns created on WeChat & Weibo