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Avalara provides comprehensive, automated, and cloud-based solutions that help customers of all sizes meet a wide range of tax compliance requirements, including business tax, excise tax, and other transaction taxes. These end-to-end solutions packages are fast, accurate, and easy to use to effectively manage complex and cumbersome tax compliance requirements, including those of U.S. state, local, U.S., and other international tax authorities. Avalara offers hundreds of software that pre-plugs into customer companies' finance, ERP, e-commerce, and other application platforms. The company handles millions of tax transactions for customers and free users every day, files tens of thousands of tax returns for customers every year, and manages millions of tax exemptions and other related documents. WeChat is an effective two-way communication channel in China, Avalara wants to build a channel with Chinese target groups. Then, GMA helped them to manage WeChat.


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