CLIENT: Analac

E-commerce platforms are increasingly diversified and allow for various offers in China. From connecting with wholesalers to consumer e-retail sales and discounts and promotions. Being present on Chinese platforms is essential for your reputation and guaranteed authenticity, but also for facilitating purchases. Chinese consumers research in forums and community networks before making any purchase. If you build a good reputation here their levels of trust will increase considerably.

Our Missions for Analac

Online shop design Integration on JingDong & Feiniuand Haixuan Social Media & Forum Promotion

The Brand & Campaign Context

Analac is a line of baby formula products: their range include different types of infant formula milks for different stages of infant development. They are a Spanish brand boasting quality links with European milk manufacturers.


– Exposure : More than 20 million interactions with the brand
– Branding on Social Media
– Built Strong e-Reputation
10 million Chinese mothers got to know this brand in a 6 month campaign.