Can we trust Baidu ?

After the death of a young student who has tried an experimental therapy against cancer found online, China has opened an investigation against the giant Baidu.
The young Chinese named Wei Zexi, died last month from a rare form of cancer, found treatment from a hospital that was the top of the search list on Baidu.
Baidu has often been criticized for selling ads to the biggest bidders without really determine their skills.
The company told The BBC “We deeply regret the death of Wei Zexi and condolences to his family.
“Baidu strives to provide secure search experience and trustworthy for our users, and immediately opened an investigation on the subject. “

Baidu 70% market share in 2016 !

Baidu is the largest Chinese search engine with 70% market share and over 660 million using their mobile to make monthly searches. It is very often compared to the American giant Google.
On Baidu, the listings having paid for a spot on the top of the list is marked down by a small poster saying “promoted”, but many believe that this poster does not clearly defined as paid advertisements.
The Tuesday following the history, the company’s value has dropped more than $ 5 billion, after its shares fell in the United States to new investigation by the regulator of Chinese Internet. Shares listed on the Nasdaq Baidu fell 7.92%.
Baidu is now facing a real credibility problem.

It is one thing for the company to sell its first seats in research to the highest bidder but it is another to know how to manage the consequences after a boy dies of cancer after having trusted the search result placed top of the list, was what appeared to be a reputable hospital with the right treatment for him …

Many netizens have reacted to this story and have even called for a boycott of Baidu. The community very upset showed their disappointment on social networks such as Weibo with hashtags like “#Wei Zexi Baidu Advertising Incident #”.


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