Can Social Media really help your e-commerce business in China?

Yes, social media can help your e-commerce business in China, but there are a few things you need to keep in mind. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the most important social media platforms in China and how you can use them to reach your target market. We’ll also give you some tips on how to create successful social media campaigns in China. So, if you’re looking to expand your business into the Chinese market, read on!

The power of social networking sites in China has caused changes in online marketing strategies.

In China social media has a hugely influential over Chinese consumers and their purchase decisions.

There are important changes in the way that sellers communicate and interact with customers due to the significant shifts in consumer media behavior. Mainly, this is due to the fast penetration of digital media as social media, the Internet, or smartphones.

Sellers can integrate these tools in their marketing strategy in order to sell their goods and services through the digital platform. Therefore, social e-commerce has a fundamental importance in business in China.


Social commerce is becoming a true revolution, however, Western brands are not benefiting from the social essence of online Chinese shoppers.
China, compare with other countries, is ahead when it comes to using of social media online and mobile shopping.

Now, social media platforms are integrating e-commerce abilities into their networks but at the same time, e-commerce platforms are developing their own social platforms. This has supposed a confrontation between Tencent and Alibaba for dominance because they are invading their territories.


It is important to understand that the content generated by users play a fundamental role in China.

Around 75 percent of online users post their ratings and opinions about products. Chinese netizens are massive creators of content and they never make a purchase without having compiled information on the internet about the product, including experiences and opinions of other shoppers on social and e-commerce platforms.

Most of the Chinese brands have launched e-commerce along with the online recommendation system. This integration has allowed customers to post opinions, questions, or pictures about the products. Through that fusion, brands are helping their consumers make their buying decisions. Foreign marketers should take note of this tool to build a relationship with their consumers and as result, their position will grow in social e-commerce.

Now, “buy now” links, are incorporated into Weibo posts and WeChat, therefore e-commerce and social media are tightly linked. This makes life much easier for the customer, therefore more likely to have him buy something since it takes just a few clicks to do that.


For instance, Asos, an international online fashion and beauty retailer, known for using the social nature of online buyers in Europe, understands well the power of social media.

That’s why it has developed its China site via Razorfish and also a mobile APP. As a result, has integrated social interactions, and users can log in via their Weibo accounts.

It is a fact that social media create brand awareness.

Social Media platforms such as Wechat, Renren, QQ, or LinkedIn allow advertisers to create, publish and promote brands and ads as well as position them on targeted users’ profiles.


Normally, social media is built about specific interests and due to that, brands can target them because they already know that this audience is receptive to a specific product. For example, Lancôme has used niche social groups as its marketing strategy. To increase its traffic and sales, the company has created around the brand a Chinese community called “Rosebeauty” and also has built a beauty group on Kaixin001, which is one of the most popular social media sites in China.



Social media is an important tool in order to discover new products to try out and because of that, brands should use social media to increase their brand awareness.

Social media mixed with e-commerce is everywhere. These days everything is social. The power of social media has been increasing online shopping because a big deal of purchases comes after the customer educated himself on social media.

In China, social media are an essential characteristic of the social structure. Most Chinese netizens have admitted that they will only continue buying once they have compiled opinions and recommendations from other users on social media.

Therefore, not only Social media do not simply help your e-commerce in China, they are vital for the success of your e-business in this country



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