Building Your great-looking business website in China

Your website matters so much to the health of your business even in China. It’ll help you generate leads, drive conversions, and build your brand. There are a lot of ways to screw this thing up. By choosing GMA you will be surrounded by a team of experts able to offer you the best solutions for your website. Only the right knowledge can lead to the creation of a website optimized for the Chinese public. GMA has a rich background of knowledge in this field.

Falling For Search Engine Optimization Myths on Baidu

Every new business owner in China hopes to create a Chinese website that will sit on the top of the search results on Baidu, every other Chinese search engine. And they hope to rank for more than just one keyword.

However, the truth of the matter is that a good SEO strategy takes time, smarts, and money. Plus, it’s impossible to successfully optimize your homepage for hundreds of keywords. That’s just not how the internet works, and if you try to cut corners, Baidu knows where you live.

A better strategy is to think about the top keyword for your website and optimize your content to rank for that keyword. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Write a rich Long-Form Content. Once upon a time, stuffing your content with your top keyword would help you rank in the search results. These days, it’s better to simply write your rich and authentic content for the internet Chinese user. Be as comprehensive and helpful as possible and Baidu will reward you.
  • Structure Your Content with Heading Tags are often seen as a “meh, not that important” sort of thing, but they really do matter. Headings give structure to your pages, making it easier for both readers and Baidu bots to consume your content.
  • Add a Call-to-Action. Your homepage should have a clear call-to-action (CTA). Not only will it help direct your Chinese internet users to do the thing you want them to buy your product, sign up for your service, or subscribe to your newsletter.

Creation of Chinese Website 

The creation of a professional and convincing website is for a company the first step in establishing its presence on the web. Even more so in a country like China where more than half of the population searches online on the website of the product/service that interests them.

GMA designs websites aesthetically and technically valid, capable of enhancing the quality of your image thanks to a system that will extend your turnover in the Chinese market, as well as thanks to the fact that the websites we develop are SEO friendly

Design your Website

Even when talking about websites, the eye wants its part, so a careful vision of the site and its design is essential to ensure that a user is interested. What distinguishes GMA is our experience in the Chinese market and the knowledge of the tastes of Chinese users, in fact, the graphics of a website addressed to a Western audience is different from that of the public in China, oriented for example on a graphic made fewer images and more links.

We are GMA, an agency able to respect your brand identity and the wishes of Chinese users, all on the same site.


The positioning of a website on search engines is perhaps the most important element to be taken care of if you want to guarantee certain visibility online to your website and then to the product related to it.

The number one search engine in China is Baidu doing SEO on it is not the same thing as doing it in Google. Baidu follows its rules and its criteria and our agency creates a proper SEO plan suitable for the Chinese search engine.

GMA is able to offer a professional and focused service towards the goal both in the design phase of the website and after its online submission if this does not generate enough traffic. Depending on the status of the website specific interventions will be carried out.

Analysis of your results

One of the fundamentals of GMA is to create long-term relationships with our client partners. That’s why we want to be completely transparent and make you participate in your own project. How? Every month we will provide you with the data and results of your campaign, finding TOGETHER new strategic key points for an increasingly profitable investment.

Social media, whether Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Pinterest are blocked in China, so you need to adopt Chinese social media such as WeChat, Weibo, Little Red Book in order to increase your audience reach and alert customers and clients about what’s going on with your company. Whenever you update your website, post about it on your social media outlets but balance that out with genuine, nonpromotional engagement.

Also include links to your social media on your website. The most common places are the footer or the ancillary bar. Learn more about social media for business in our marketer’s guide.

“Building relevant keywords into your content from the very first phases of your Chinese website, and having a strong focus on SEO from website launch, will help you generate traffic early on,”

Are you looking to make a website for your small or big business so you can find new customers on the Chinese internet? Who better than the Chinese themselves can help you in the Chinese market? Our team of native speakers is ready to provide you with the support you deserve. You can contact us and we will be happy to help you to Level up your Business in China

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