How Brands are Leveraging WeChat?

You have already read about some of our articles on WeChat Marketing? We often present WeChat App as a tool for communication and marketing in China. Today we are going to bring you some specific cases, of how brands can use WeChat and profit from it.

Some key points about WeChat

  • Over 1 billion MAU (monthly active users)
  • 94% of Chinese use WeChat every day. Actually, WeChat attracts both Chinese and foreigners.
  • WeChat Pay is the leader with Alipay of mobile payment in China (#WeChatWallet)
  • WeChat is backed by the internet giant Tencent
  • WeChat’s mini-programs are broad and profound. It can be used in diverse fields of activity: communication, management, marketing, and e-commerce.

WeChat also started to integrate AI technology into the catering industry. On June 12, WeChat broadcasted a live stream talk on how its mini-programs can help to improve consumers’ experience in the food and beverage industry.

HeyTea: decrease in-store traffic, and increase sales.

Do you remember that picture?

HeekTea or HeyTea is one of the most popular beverage brands in China. They have to limit the number of beverages per order to be able to provide their consumers with their drinks. It’s nothing unusual to see hundreds of consumers waiting in queues in front of a Heytea shop. They used to line up at the beginning for 2-3 hours only for grabbing a drink. The waiting time even reached 5 hours last year.

This may be incomprehensible for a lot of people, even for the true gourmands.

Recently, after a long period of success, Heytea finally launched its mini-program on WeChat. Customers can scan the QR Code presented in front of the shop, skip the long line, order through the mini-program, and wait for the WeChat alert on their phone to come to pick up their beverage.

It is much simpler for consumers, thus leaving an uncrowded space. Also, the ones who never tasted Heytea because there was always a queue in front are more willing to try it.

To go further, according to Mr. Cheng, CTO of Hey Tea, a mini-program can:

  • Increase user experience by eliminating long wait time
  • Collect more user data that can be used to improve mini-programs in the future
  • Gain efficiency for both sides – customers and the company provide a new way to communicate and connect with the customers.

Restaurants: Scan the QR code to Order

Dongbei Renjia东北人家, Gui Man Lou (桂满楼), Panggelia(胖哥俩) … A lot of restaurants in China has their own WeChat mini-program for food ordering on mobile. You scan the QR code, access their mini-programs platform and you have the entire menu and meal. Then, you just choose the one you want, finish the order and waiters will bring them to you.

No more fighting in front of the checkout counter between the Chinese in order to pay the bill.

For the most popular restaurants, in order to avoid the queue (queues are everywhere in China, especially when you want to try famous restaurants), you can get to take a ticket first and scan the QR code on it to see how many people are waiting before you. You receive an alert once it is your turn.

Pizza hut: Feel the charm of new technology when eating

Pizza hut entered China 20 years ago and it has always been more than just an affordable pizza Chain. Pizza Hut was the first pizza chain to enter China and was once the most popular Western restaurant. However, because of the fierce competition in the catering market in first and second-tier cities, the performance of Pizza Hut appears to decrease. From 2014 Year-on-year sales declined. “How to make Pizza Hut recover” is a huge challenge for the brand. Opening an experimental store like “Smart Restaurant” is one of its attempts. Pizza Hut now offers a unique dining experience for its consumers.

The chain opened a concept restaurant in Shanghai in late 2016 allowing customers to order through LED menus placed next to their tables or through their WeChat mini program. The order would then be delivered but not in the same way we talk about before, waiters are now robots. They also led the guests to their tables when they come into the restaurants.

Why should you leverage WeChat for your business in China?

If you decide to do business in China, there are some key points you have to handle.

An online presence

WeChat offers a lot of features to explore but its basic use is to connect the brand with its target consumers. When they need to get information, Chinese consumers go online but they don’t the research is not always easy to do. WeChat makes it simpler, as an official website can provide. Brands can set up their WeChat official account, to share useful information or just new releases with their consumers. In addition, as was said by Heytea’s CEO, the company earns consumer information.

A better customer experience

Chinese consumers are accustomed to WeChat. It is more familiar for them to deal with WeChat and brands who make this effort can thus catch more consumers. We have seen that mini-programs can allow making things easier, in time and in fact.

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