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If you go to China, would like to buy something in China online, how should I do it? Did you know that China’s e-commerce market will be the world’s largest? China has many e-commerce websites, some B2B, some B2C.

There are many famous B2C sites such as Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong, Dangdang. Here one of China’s best e-commerce site: Tmall.



Tmall formerly Taobao Mall, is a B2C online shopping platform build by Taobao(B2C mean Business to Customer) . Since April 10, 2008 established Tmall , many brands including kappa, Levi’s, Esprit, Jack Jones, Lock & Lock , Supor , Lenovo, Hewlett-Packard , Disney, Uniqlo in Tmall opened the official flagship store. They warmly welcomed by consumers.

So far, Tmall already has more than 400 million buyers, more than 50,000 businesses, more than 70,000 brands.

Taobao Mall was founded in April 2008 , was originally Taobao ‘s B2C channels. With Taobao Mall matures , more and more Chinese and foreign well-known brand in the official opening of its flagship store on the platform , Taobao Mall as an independent business in June 2011. November 2010, Taobao Mall using an independent domain, to enhance brands awareness and better distinction their B2C businesses and small C2C businesses.

Currently , Taobao Mall showcase more than 30,000 local and global brands, and a number of different sector-specific vertical mall, including ” Electric City “, ” Famous shoes Museum” , “home decoration shop”, etc., Tmall will be strengthening of industry vertical markets in future. January 11, 2012, Taobao Mall was renamed Tmall. “tianmao ” is the Tmall homonyme


Trading culture

Taobao promote integrity, lively and efficient online trading culture. With create a more secure network trading platform for Taobao members at the same time, Taobao wholeheartedly to create and promote mutual help and lively family atmosphere . Every person dealing in Taobao , not only transactions more quickly , but also to make more friends .

Product advantages

Number of commodities in recent years has increased significantly, from cars, computers to clothing, household goods, and assortment. Even set up a network game equipment trading, online games fans is worth a look.

As an auction site, Taobao outstanding advantage is that if the goods remaining time in one hour or less, the time display is dynamic and shows exactly to the second.


Service Advantage

Tmall store more attractive than the average of his services, it is not only a large collection of sellers and big brands, while also providing more attentive than ordinary shop services:

1, seven days no reason to return

Tmall seller accepts buyer within seven days no reason to return , without worrying about the buy inappropriate, or buy something and actually that much difference.

2 , genuine security

Tmall sellers to sell items are authentic licensed to accept the buyer’s oversight and supervision of Taobao .

You need to prepare something, when you want to buy online thing. They are China’s bank card or credit card, Lynx accounts, shipping address.

If you want to bargain with the seller, consult the case of goods, you can be instant messaging software, just click on this icon.icon

Perhaps you have encountered a problem, I was a foreigner, I do not speak Chinese, how to do it? Introduce you to a method that uses Google translate, all Chinese will be translated only language you want.

Perhaps you want to buy goods from your own country and other countries, and then such an e-commerce website can help you in China.

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Website for foreigner in China

Epermarket is an example of Chinese e-commerce website services for foreigners, here are a number of countries from around the world of goods.

Founded in 2011, Epermarket is an online supermarket bringing Shanghai’s expatriate community the taste of home! For those of who living abroad, the craving for comforts of home is ever present and hard to satisfy. At Epermarket offer you the widest online selection of imported foods and beverages available to date in Shanghai!

it’s not just about food, it`s about the whole experience that comes with it, so enjoy the act of shopping as much as you enjoy the meal itself! With Epermarket you’ll always have risk-free shopping, quality products, good prices, smart functions, convenient delivery and constant customer care.


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