Become our Business Partner in China (Serious Only)

If there is one thing we know too well, it is how hard it can be for start-ups and even well-established companies to expand to China. We know that because we have been committed to helping foreign companies grow in the middle kingdom since 2012 with our marketing services but also regular content to keep you informed.

Over the year, we have been in contact with hundreds of great companies and brands that just could not make it in China for budget reasons. Because we do not want to see great potential wasted anymore, we are launching our own Brand Incubator Program and Fund-Raising Campaigns.

If you are one of the following, I strongly recommend you to read this article and maybe reach out to us:

  • Your brand/Company already Exists and is growing
  • You are doing well in your original region and want to expand to China
  • You have an international Vision
  • You are taking concrete action to grow your start-up
  • Innovative Project with potential (ex: AI, Green Energy)
  • Looking for Long term collaboration

GMA Brand Incubator Program in China

What does it mean to become GMA’s partner in China?

The concept behind GMA’s Brand incubator is simple: We become your partner and main actor in China.

Meaning, that we become a shareholder of your company entity in China with 20% of the shares.

But more interestingly, we take care of everything concerning your business in China:

  • Administration
  • Accountability
  • Distribution
  • Fundraising
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Logistics
  • Etc

In other words: Premium solution with reduced cost.

What are the requirements to enter our Brand Incubator Program?

You have:

  • a clear already existing project with China
  • A budget and patience
  • You want a long term collaboration

Drop us a request here, we will need:

  • A Complete and Detailed Business Plan
  • A Cover letter: tell us about you, why China, why you are a great fit for our incubator program?

NB: If at the moment your project is just an idea, is not in relation with China, or don’t have any budget to spare, please keep working and we will be happy to review your request once you fill the requirements 😉

They already joined our Incubator program:

  • Welltiss

Proactive Startup uses the latest technology available to provide its clients an innovative theta waves tools for meditation and sleeping disorders. Welltiss came to us with an innovative, already existing product ready to be sold and distributed on the Chinese market.


Innovative startup combining Italian Food, Luxury, and VR. The start-up is very active and takes any action possible to make sure of its success worldwide. Ventuno’s dynamism is what convinced us to take them into our Incubator program.

Funds Raising Campaign in China

Who should start a Fund Raising Campaign in China?

We can work with you on your fundraising campaign if:

  • Have a real project in relation to China
  • A pitch-deck
  • A website or Webpage
  • Any internet presence is a bonus to attest to your project credibility
  • A minimum marketing budget

Solution for fund Raising in China: Lead generation & E-Reputation

When looking for investment in China, the main challenge is to build your Online Reputation. Build a strong Online Reputation and Lead Generation will naturally follow.

Company Introduction in Chinese

A pitch deck ppt/pdf and a Wechat H5 brochure in Chinese that we can easily share with our investor’s network and prospects.

An introduction in Chinese Mandarin of your company and your project shows engagement on your part and makes it easier for a prospect to understand why they should invest or not.

An introduction in Chinese will always have more traction with Chinese investors than an English PDF (which will end up at the bottom list of the hundred demands they receive every day).

Chinese Website or Webpage

Just like your introduction in Chinese, it is necessary to have a website or at least a webpage in Chinese that can rank on Baidu. Baidu is the primary search engine in China.

Having a Chinese website is step 1 of your marketing effort in China. It’s giving a chance for investors to get to know you a bit more and show how much you can adapt to a new market. Plus consider that without it, you’ll get no SEO. And no SEO means less visibility, fewer chances to get a Press release, and a bad point for your online reputation… CQFD.

Your website will have to be localized and the UX adapt to Chinese internet users habits, here are a few points to pay attention to:

  • Regular original content in mandarin
  • Live chat if possible
  • Featured Contact Info
  • Hosting in China or neighbor countries
  • No googles plugins and tools
  • etc

Baidu SEO is essential in China for fundraising campaigns

SEO or Seach Engine Optimization is the most cost-efficient tool out there for your company and is crucial. A well-run SEO Campaign will be the difference between having strong visibility (and therefore credibility), or being ranked on page 623 of Baidu search to be a “mister nobody” among the “I don’t know who you are”.

How do we proceed? We start with market research: Who are your competitors, what are the best keywords, how long would it take to rank your landings pages on those keywords.

Baidu Seo Balance Australian Water

Once we are decided on keywords we proceed to write quality content that pleases not only your readers but also Baidu’s algorithm. To keep it simple: The more you optimize your article to please Baidu the more chances you have to rank high. The more your content appeal to the reader, the more it will be shared/ get engagement. Engagement by internet users in itself will signify to Baidu that it should rank higher.

BAIDU SEM and Other Paid Ads (DSP)

Because SEO takes time, combining it with some paid ads campaigns is a good strategy when getting started. Paid ads will bring traffic to your website and the visibility it needs at the beginning.

The most known platform for paid Ads is Baidu, but many others offer similar services at sometimes lower prices. Toutiao and Weibo paid advertising are particularly interesting.

Find out more about Paid advertising in China

PR & Forums: a great way to “organically” promote a fundraising project in China

Press releases and forums are some of our most favorite techniques when it comes to improving online reputation in China. Why you’ll ask me? Because it is third-party content mentioning your company.

Not only a good press release (with a backlink) will give authority to your website but also is an incredible boost for your credibility and legitimacy as a company.

When a third party is introducing/recommending your company, it puts its own reputation on the line. To readers, it is good proof that you are not a scammer.

Forum topics tend to rank on Baidu because of the organic engagement UGC (users Generated Content) generates. If there is one thing to keep in mind in China is that no matter your industry, your company will have to gain the trust of the consumers/ Investors before you can get anything from them.

What does this netizen tend to trust more? Content written by their pairs.

We have been doing this for a year and have a great PR network. If you want to work with us we will contact Chinese Media seen as a reference in your industry and we will start generating content on platforms such as Zhihu and Baidu Zhidao but also more niche forums.

GMA’s Partner in Dubai is looking for Innovative Start-ups to Invest-in

Who is Dubai FasterCapital?

FasterCapital is an online incubator (TOP Incubator) that offers technical and business services. If your project catches their attention, they will make sure you can all the necessary assistance to develop it from finance to the most technical aspect of it.

When FasterCapital invests in your company they become co-founder of it.

What are they looking for?

If you are a company with an ambitious project or business idea or if you need a technical team/co-founder, FasterCapital can help you with building your product. If you already have a product, FasterCapital can also help by offering sales and growth services.

  • You have a project but need fund for product & business development
  • You already have a business and wish to develop it more
  • You have enough funds to participate in 50% of the R&D fees.

Faster Capital is launching the last round of funding of the year!

FasterCapital is very glad and excited to start their last round of funding for this year. If you are a founder who is just starting his journey, an entrepreneur who is looking for a technical team/technical cofounder, or a startup looking to increase sales and revenues, please visit our site here

More about fundraising in China:


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