Be a successful start up in China, have a presentation video!

With the expansion of the internet, smartphones and tablets, videos is now available to everyone, anywhere, and its use is becoming more and more popular.
For a successful start-up, you must hit hard from the start to give a good impression of your company, your brand, your products or services on online networks. An indispensable means that customers can point out, easily identify and effectively present your company, is a video

Videos are the best digital media support

It is essential for a Start up, to offer an easy-to-assimilate content to the consumer, otherwise her will linger on. Put yourself in your customers shoes, what they would like to know about you, your brand, your products, your services, be creative, original on how to make people understand your message.
We know that a beautiful and high quality picture  increases the conversion rate, videos are even better, the creative possibilities are much wider with video.
By using video it is possible to recreate an almost real experience for the consumer, better than audio, image or text. It gives dynamism, a life-full side, a human side to your content not only by the physical and verbal expression of the actors, but also with the help of the different views of the camera, and especially through the use of storytelling.
Such as photos, videos are easy to sharing/like on social networks. In fact they spend a third of their weekly 25 hours online watching videos!

Chinese consumers like videos

For them it is not a waste of time if they can learn about the product they intend to buy. They will have more confidence if they see that you offer a video on your shop, your website or on social networks: they like to see your product, service on every facets and being used.
If the product or service you are selling is complicated, video allows the consumer to absorb a large amount of information in a more digestible way. The text equivalent can easily discourage a prospect.
Also it shows that you have confidence in your products or services to show them in all angles, you are a serious business, modern, high-tech that cares about customer needs and put the means to attract them.

Show your content through storytelling

There must be a storytelling to raise the interest of the consumer, Chinese consumers love stories, they are curious, love to learn about the brand and its values before considering any purchase. Through a storytelling video they will identify with the protagonists and will not hesitate to share the multimedia content on their networks.

Dior commercial video

In this video, clearly shows who are its target customers : young sophisticated women between 20 and 35 years old. Here it’s all about the mystique of the brand and the inaccessibility to the high flyer community unless they wear the stylish Dior creations. Inaccessibility is symbolized by the woman running in the forest while the community itself is seen relaxing at the heart of the forest. In addition, to insist on luxury, Versailles Castle is briefly shown as to leave little doubt about the luxury and uniqueness part.

Rejoice commercial video

This is a short film advertising the Chinese brand Rejoice shampoo that buzzed throughout China. The main idea is simple, a beautiful Chinese couple whose husband wants to divorce initiated legal proceedings, his wife did not agreed and asks her husband to hug her every day for a month, her husband slowly re-felt in love with her.
While promoting its brand (the camera focused the beautiful hair of the female protagonist) and supporting the cause against divorce in China, Rejoice succeeded in affecting its consumers’ sensible side and giving them a good brand image of their brand.

Apple commercial video

This promotional video which is a girl who found an audition track of his grandmother, she decided to make a remix and played it to his grandmother using brand products. This touching video shows that technology can gather people, and also shows that the products are no only for young people but for all. Here Apple gives a good image of its products by putting one of the most important point of Chinese culture forward: family.

The presentation video of our agency produced by our agency

 Create buzz

Stronger than images, videos capture more consumers’ attention, try to create buzz by creating something special, original, innovative and put your products forward through the video. The atmosphere, the environment, the sound can be heard, the content is more life-full, immerses more consumers into it and also giving them the desire to experience this.
A video is essential to convey a message, and has the power to inform, entertain and build trust in your consumers.
Make your video to be easy to promote and found on multiple networks, whether on computer, tablets or smartphones.
But beware, a video of poor quality will not be appreciated and will make you a bad pub, flee your prospects.

Is the production of a video possible for a start-up? Of course, production costs have fallen because to the democratization and modernization of the equipments, of course you have to choose a good producer.

Our agency provides customizable video production service, which with your expertize can help you to be remarkable.

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