Advertising on Baidu: How To Open a Baidu Union Account?

Baidu Union

Baidu, the biggest search engine in China, is definitely something that can’t be missing in your digital marketing strategy. Apart from a good SEO strategy that is essential for the visibility and credibility of your brand, you can also invest in Baidu ads, so that you get to a bigger amount of potential customers. This is where the Baidu Union Account comes in handy.

Baidu Union is the advertising platform of Baidu, the Chinese Adsense equivalent for Google ads that you’ll need for your advertising campaigns on this platform.

Through this blog post, we aim to illuminate each step needed to create your very own Baidu Union account – propelling your reach towards fresh audiences starting today. So pull up a chair and buckle up for an intriguing voyage into uncharted territories!

Key Takeaways

  • Baidu Union is an ad platform in China. You can use it to show your ads to many people.
  • You can make a Baidu account with your name, email, and phone number.
  • Once you have a Baidu account, set up a Baidu Union Account. Pick an agent who knows how to run online ads well.
  • Use smart keyword research for better results with your ads on Baidu Union.
  • Keep track of how well your ads are doing by checking their success often.
  • Using more than just Pay-per-click (PPC) methods will help improve the outcome of your campaigns.
  • Preparing is key when planning a paid ad campaign on Baidu. Make sure you know what steps to take before starting one.
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What is Baidu Union?

Baidu Union is an advertising platform from Baidu, the largest search engine in China. This service provides marketers with immense reach and visibility among Chinese consumers and Internet users.

The Baidu advertising platform is essentially a big web of sites and apps. They work together to show Baidu paid ads. Ads pop up on Baidu search, music apps, and desktop tools. Baidu TV lets you pick where your video ads go on member sites.

Essentially, it’s a potent tool for businesses looking to expand their online presence in the Chinese market.

You can handle buying media and tracking customers in one place with Baidu’s marketing cloud. This makes it easy to boost your brand or product. Your paid ads show up next to normal search results too! This means more people see what you offer.

It’s a neat way to get everyone talking about your brand, products, or services.

Advertising on Baidu: Baidu Union

Benefits of using Baidu Union

Baidu Union has big upsides. It offers twin-engine search and feed functions. They come to life by AI algorithms. This combo makes the user experience better. As a member, you get payments from Baidu based on set rules.

You also get to use tools, services, and AI powers that work well with users after opening an account. Plus, it’s good news that Baidu filed a registration statement with the SEC about its services! Another great thing is flexibility – you can use tools or what your rivals have made too! This could change dividends and limits in a good way for anyone.

Using Baidu means you’re helping make new standards in deep learning, federated learning, AI application techs, big data swathes, and cybersecurity plans too!


How to Register for a Baidu Account

Creating a Baidu account is straightforward. First, visit the Baidu homepage and click on the “Register” button. You’ll need to provide basic information such as your name, email, and phone number.

Options for international users

If you’re not in China, don’t worry! You can still create a Baidu account. First, go to the Baidu AI Cloud Login Page. This is where all international users start the process. Look for a button that says “Register Now” under ‘Baidu account’.

Once you click it, a form will pop up. Fill out this form with your details. One cool thing is you can pick your own country code — it doesn’t have to be China’s code! For people overseas, there’s also an option through Baidu Cloud Login page.

Creating a Baidu account outside of China is not hard at all!

Setting Up Your Baidu Union Account

Once you’ve successfully registered for a Baidu account, it’s time to set up your Baidu Union Account. This involves assigning an agent who will manage your account for you. It’s essential to choose someone aware of the ins and outs of online marketing on platforms like Baidu.

An agent can optimize campaigns, analyze data, and essentially ensure that your advertising spend yields the best return possible.

At Gentlemen Marketing Agency, we offer you our help with advertising in China, especially when it comes to Baidu PPC ads. We are experienced with search engines on the Chinese market and we will be glad to help you start your Baidu account, Baidu PPC account, and Baidu Union.

Here are some of our services:

web services for china by gma

Managing your account

Controlling your Baidu Union account is a task you must master. Here are some ways to do it:

  1. Begin by setting up your profile correctly. Don’t miss any crucial parts.
  2. Make use of the Baidu App’s twin-engine search and feed function.
  3. Be aware that a Baidu AI Cloud account is not the same as a normal one.
  4. Keep an eye on how Baidu uses your data for its products.
  5. Track the performance of adverts using the provided tools.
  6. Look over all financial statements, as this is a publicly traded company.
  7. Get to know the treasury stock account with repurchased ordinary shares.
  8. Use the beginner’s guide offered by Baidu to help manage accounts.

Tips for Successfully Using Baidu Union

Don’t just plop your ads anywhere – explore all placement options. Become a keyword pro with consistent research and effective strategies. Regularly monitor your Ad Campaign’s success; it’s the only way to know what’s working.

Relying solely on Pay-per-click (PPC) can be costly, so don’t put all your eggs in one basket! And remember, before plunging into a Baidu paid advertising campaign, make sure you’re fully prepared with an actionable plan and clear objectives.

Ad placement options

Baidu Union gives many choices for ad placement. These options can help your brand reach more people and deliver better results.

The first option is the standard ad placement. This is a typical kind of ad that appears in set spots on websites.

Next is the intelligent ad placement. Baidu’s smart system puts these ads in the best spots based on user data.

The last option is tailored ad placement. Here, you can pick specific places to show your ads.

Online Paid advertising in China - baidu ppc

Effective keyword research

I want to talk about effective keyword research. It is very important for a successful Baidu Union account.

First, know that keyword research for Baidu SEO is not the same as Google SEO. What’s also crucial is to use Baidu’s services. They help internet search users find the right stuff through keyword search results.

Put time and thought into your word choice. The better your words, the more people will see your ads, and keep track of all your words and how they perform so you can make smart choices in the future.

Step-by-Step Guide for Tracking Keywords on Baidu

Monitoring campaign success

I keep an eye on all my clients’ campaigns. Every ad, every user view, I track it all. Our journey with Baidu Union is not just about starting a campaign. It’s about making that campaign work! To do this, I use Baidu’s AI-powered algorithms to study user behavior and make changes if needed.

Changes could be in the ads or where they are placed online. We can’t just rely on pay-per-click (PPC). A good marketing strategy means checking results often and learning from them.

Using Pay-Per-Click (PPC) alone is not the best plan. Yes, it can bring quick results. But don’t forget about other ways to boost your Baidu Union account. Use tools and services offered by Baidu for better user engagement.

This way we know what works and what doesn’t with our audience.

How to prepare for a Baidu paid advertising campaign?

If you’re gearing up for Baidu advertising campaign, here is a short sum up of the steps you should take:

  1. First, submit all needed legal papers to the Baidu Ad Account.
  2. Plan how to use Baidu PPC Advertising. It is a good way to reach China’s people and grow our online name there.
  3. Learn about Baidu Tuigang and Baidu Union, their pay-per-click ad platform, and see how it compares to Adsense or Google Adwords.
  4. Next, look into the Baidu App. Its twin-engine search and feed work with AI-powered rules and user info to help ads hit their mark.
  5. For your ad plan to work in other markets, tweak Baidu ads and paid search tactics.
  6. Lastly, plan how to use Baidu PPC Advertising as part of a bigger push for success in China’s digital world.

Why Choose Gentlemen Marketing Agency for Baidu Ads?

So, you’re considering Baidu for your advertising in China? Smart move! Baidu is a giant in the Chinese online world. But with any giant, navigating can be tough. That’s where Gentlemen Marketing Agency (GMA) steps in.

Let us be your guiding hand:

  • Baidu Gurus: Dive deep into Baidu with us. We’re not just familiar with it; we’re experts. Our goal? Make your brand stand tall on China’s number one search platform.
  • Smooth Baidu Union Setup: Heard about the Baidu Union Account? It’s like the golden ticket for earning from ads in China. But getting one isn’t always a walk in the park. With us? We simplify it all, ensuring you’re set up for success.
  • Comprehensive Baidu Solutions: Beyond just setting up, there’s a world of potential with Baidu advertising. We’re here for the entire journey – from start to ad campaigns that wow.
  • Tailored for You: Every brand has its unique flair. We recognize that. So, we don’t do cookie-cutter plans. Our strategies are custom-made, fitting like a glove for your brand’s ambitions in China.
  • Stay in the Loop: No jargon, no confusion. We believe in transparency. You’ll always get clear, easy-to-grasp updates on how your ads are performing.

In a vast landscape like Baidu, it’s easy to feel lost. But with Gentlemen Marketing Agency by your side, you’ll have a clear path to success. Ready to dive in? We’re just a message away. Contact us today and let’s make your brand resonate in China.


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