As the most popular search in China,Baidu takes over 65.14% of the search engine market share and over 80% of users. It makes Baidu the 5th position on the list of websites with the most traffic in the world, while Baidu seems to be too mean to share the traffic with pages indexed to it that Baidu’s subsites take 27% of the traffic from Baidu.



What are Baidu websites?


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Baidu has 6 main sub-sites that absorb the traffic: Baidu baike, Baidu Wenku, Baidu Zhidao, Baidu Tieba and Baidu Kongjian.

1. Baidu baike

It is a site likes Wikipedia, the one that covers all areas of knowledge; to serve all Internet, Chinese users, according to what Baidu said.

2. Baidu wenku

It is an online bookstore where people can upload and download articles and documents for free. People share articles here. And there are some books that need to pay to read.

3. Baidu zhidao

This site is a Q & A platform, like Yahoo Answer. Usually, you can find the question you want to ask already been answered there. If not and you still have questions marks in your head, just put your questions there here, there are millions of users who are ready to answer your question.

4. Baidu tieba

Tieba is like a forum where people talk about what they like. There are thousands of themes here; everyone can find what they want. And LIYI tieba has 6 million members, WOW tieba has 4 million members!

5. Baidu kongjian

This is a site-like blog with social. You can write articles, share multi-media content photos with fans

Why Baidu websites take so much traffic?

Baidu’s sub-sites are like the sons of Baidu, maybe more like bastards because Baidu has never admitted that it has given privileges to its subsites while the search results always show the contrary results. You can always find them among the results on the first page (how to optimize the results on Baidu). There are two ways to explain that:

1. the subsites of Baidu are very SEO-friendly to the Baidu algorithm

According to the official announcement from Baidu, Baidu’s subsites rank well because of their well-optimized structure, frequent update, and excellent linking structure. Well, SEOers never give up trying new solutions to rank before Baidu’s subsites, but nobody can say he has discovered a way to surpass the Everest of sub-sites of Baidu.

2. the subsites of Baidu are “endowed” with extra favor from Baidu’s

Because Baidu has given extra trust and favor to its subsites. The backlinks Baidu’s subsites get are from the homepage of Baidu which is something like BR (Baidu Rank) 100 which means some links others can never beat. SEOers are able to put backlinks in the beginning when there’s not enough quality content on all its subsites. While once Baidu gets enough quality content, it starts to add “no follow” tags and even delete the links.

By ranking high its own subsites, Baidu could sell more PPC ads to its customers. No matter which subsites: Baidu baike, Baidu Wenku, Baidu Zhidao, Baidu Tieba, and Baidu Kongjian, they all display ads somewhere on the page so that the companies that use Baidu PPC can get more clicks from Baidu’s own sites. However, it can only drive Baidu from the track of becoming a successful search engine to a cash cow portal.

google sb(asshole) and you will find baidu
google sb find Baidu

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