Understanding Baidu SEO, Baidu SEA, and their differences. 

Baidu is China’s most popular search engine with a tremendous traffic level. Baidu is the first online advertising platform in China which helps people to search and to promote everything, it is the search engine to utilize for strategies and promotions. The hold of Baidu over the Chinese market is almost 70% of the total market share, there are 600 million online netziens using engines in China as their ‘one stop shop’ for information. Qihoo and Sogou are also famous and have almost 18.23% and 10.35% market share respectively.

Are you interested to know about the steps that are particularly vital for Baidu SEO and how it compares to Google? The Baidu search engine is not as advanced as Google is. Baidu recommends strong backlinking of websites and blogs on behalf of relevant content and meaningful subjects. Selection of proper keywords, Meta tags, page titles, and back-end development is the best way to increase Baidu ranking. One thing that makes Baidu unique from Google is that Baidu tends to place even more emphasis on fresh content and strong keywords on the home page. Baidu is less user friendly compared tp Google which is friendlier. SEO works efficiently and effectively in every search engine and allows marketers to improve the value of specific services or products.


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Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing both create great opportunities for professionals to benefit from early progress from digital markets. Great skills and deep knowledge about current marketing strategies and SEO tools are required to become specialists to promote products/ services on the internet. SEO has great potential and instant responding tools and services which rank on search engines and increase the number of visitors.


Role of Chinese Social Media Sina Weibo for Baidu

Social media interactions and great promotion tools help business persons to increase their rank and promote well-planned ads of their products or services to get attention. Brand reputation has great value everywhere in the world and Sina Weibo is also playing a vital role for brand reputation and new product recognition with unique ideas. Nothing can be chased without proper knowledge and support, the paths and directions must be determined properly so SEO helps website promoters and marketers to launch new ideas. This can be images, video or in other standard formats. Sina Weibo is providing maximum exposure on Baidu to promote your professional ideas in an efficient way. Some prefer to advertise with Baidu Tuiguang and find a reliable reseller that knows how to work with non-Chinese companies. Baidu rarely processes pay per click (PPC) advertising account setups on its own. To run the process through Baidu it requires almost 5,000 Chinese Yuan which is approximately 900 US Dollars, showing how money-earning it is for Baidu.


What is best? Paid advertising / Regional SEO / Organic SEO / Social Media

Baidu SEO is not difficult as compared with Baidu SEM. Both are of great importance to build a brand reputation over search engines. The working style and the strategy of the marketing plan is different based on requirements and provided data. A marketer can promote ideas with a strong knowledge about the Baidu search engine and follow their rules and regulations to get effective feedback from the targeted markets. An expert always knows where to work, when to work and how to work efficiently and effectively.  A middle sized foreign retailer in China, a large-scale business or local retailer can all utilize search engine marketing, everything depends on the affordability and the availability of marketing experts. Paid advertising, organic SEO, social media and regional SEO are all marketing channels that are of great importance for every sized business in China or outside companies from China who run their businesses here. Plan out the right combination of marketing channels to use and apply these on the best platforms based on your specific circumstances.


Promote an e-commerce website in China

E-commerce in China is not as easy compared to the western world. Taobao. TMall and JingDong are the Chinese largest e-commerce platforms which are so immense that they create an ecosystem of their own. To put this into perspective, TMall sold more during one of their one-day sales than was sold online by all US retailers during Cyber Monday. The major brand has great advantages to promote content with a focusing on the exact message of their products and services. Many marketers don’t know how to apply the standards rules to build a brand reputation through SEO so remain straight forward and not explore the more nuanced options in China. The western digital marketing style is different as compared to the work style on Baidu. Massive e-commerce platforms can assist marketers to promote their e-commerce websites. Many reputed SEO expert companies are offering their services to promote businesses on Baidu. Get a good rank for your websites on Baidu and other Chinese search engines like; Soso, Etao etc. This is vital before doing anything in China, detailed acknowledgment about Baidu SEO is required along with an understanding of the challenges and intricacies of search engine marketing. B2B Marketing guides can help you to choose the best promotional tools for Baidu SEO or Baidu SEM strategies, these can be applied in e-commerce or any other type of website.


SEM Strategy vs SEO Strategy

SEM strategy is marketing through the internet to promote your website through search engines like Baidu, Soso, and Etao. Limitations of keywords do not matter in this strategy. The main difference with SEO is that it includes banner advertising which increases visibility. SEM is more effective as compared with SEO because this strategy brings more visitors and backlinks and provides good ranking with its stability and predictability. SEM is more easily accepted by customers.seo-sem-baidu

Baidu prefers brands to emphasize SEO. SEO strategy includes very informative guidelines which help marketers to write proper titles, tags, description and relevant content. Use Chinese social share plugins and services. Additionally a .CN domain is the best choice to work on Baidu and other search engines in China.

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