Baidu PPC

Baidu PPC

PPC (Per per Click) and SEO are two very efficient solutions for companies who want to develop their business in China. And Baidu PPC is the most used PPC in China.


Baidu PPC ads
Baidu PPC


Why Baidu PPC

Baidu Pay per Click (PPC) is the most-used PPC in China. As the world’s fifth biggest website in terms of traffic, Baidu is also the biggest player in China searching engine market where Baidu takes 78% of the market.
And Baidu PPC can bring stable and huge traffic from targeted people to your website quickly.
I suppose there’s no need to show any more details here to prove the importance of Baidu PPC.


Baidu market share
Baidu PPC market share


How to do Baidu PPC

To launch a Baidu PPC for your company, you will need to finish the following steps:


1. Opening a Baidu PPC Account

Follow the guide from Baidu, the guide from other websites is more comfortable to read, but they are not always right, especially when Baidu change their guidelines. If you can’t not read Chinese, feel free to contact me: Your asking is always welcomed.
If the guideline is totally OK for you, it’ll be very smooth for you to go to next step.


2. Landing page optimization

When starting PPC campaign, don’t forget to optimize the landing page. It’s better to make it clear and informative because people come to this page for information about your products.


3. Baidu Campaign Upload

No surprise here for the uploading of Baidu ads. It’s quite the same as Google ads. However, the upload of Baidu PPC is much slower than that of Google because all the content uploaded to Baidu will be checked manually by Baidu, especially those ads in those industries related to credibility such as service, food & beverage.


4. Baidu PPC optimization

After the keywords uploaded, the next step for you is the optimization of the campaign. In this step, the following technics and tips are helpful for you.

Length limit on names

Baidu PPC has a length limit on the names of Adgroup and campaign: campaign names and Adgroup names can be no longer than 50 characters, which mean 25 Chinese words (2 characters=1 word) twice as that on Google.
Character restrictions on ad copies
Baidu PPC allows more characters in its ad copies than Google. Google only allows 25 characters in the title and 35 characters for each two lines of ad, plus a display URL. And Baidu allows users have 50 characters in the title, 80 characters for each line of ad text (in total two lines), and 36 characters for the display URL.
Display of ad copies
The two lines of ads are not always displayed! When the ad has gets high score in Baidu quality index, both lines will be displayed on top positions. On all other occasions, only the first line of ad text will be displayed.
Keywords match types
There are three types of matching in Baidu PPC: broad match, term match and exact match. Their relation is broad match allows ad appear in the result of most related keywords and exact match only allows your ad appear when the people search the exact keywords. Broad match and term match can result in the clicks from irrelevant keywords, so you will need to use “negative keywords” function to prevent your ad from appearing when people search irrelevant keywords. And remember, Baidu PPC only allows 100 negative keywords in each campaign.
Wildcard character
Wildcard character is one of the most important things to consider when making the ads. The keywords put in Wildcard character will appear in red color when it’s shown in the result. It’s good for both getting attraction from target people and also for Baidu quality index.
Baidu Business Bridge
Baidu Business Bridge is an add-in dialog box that allows visitors on the page to chat with the company online. With this tool, you could direct contact the visitors and try to keep them and give them more information they want, so it saves the inconvenience of calling for potential customers. It means company will have bigger chance to keep the customers!Besides, this tool also provide Baidu PPC manager the useful data of how many customers are from Baidu PPC campaign.

Baidu PPC


Are you ready for Baidu PPC campaign? If you have any questions for it, don’t hesitate to contact me for more information or advice:

Source: ebaidu, CNNIC, iResearch


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  1. Very interesting!

    These tips are very useful. I am only a beginner in Chinese so I still have a ways to go. Thank you for this post!

    I was just wondering, if I specifically wanted to target English speakers in China, would I be able to use English in my ads?

  2. how much do you charge to set up a Baidu ppc account? to translate our web page? to write several ppc ads? to manage a $1,000 per month adwords campaign? how long to have account set up?

  3. Hi there,I log on to your blogs named “Four Steps for Top Baidu PPC – Marketing China” on a regular basis.Your humoristic style is witty, keep doing what you’re doing! And you can look our website about proxy list.

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