Baidu PPC (Pay Per Click) Campaign


Gentlemen Marketing Agency will manage your SEM campaign on Baidu (Baidu SEM) and also Google.

Philip Qian, founder of the company, already has several years of experience in managing Baidu PPC campaigns.

why take ppc


PPC Procedure:

– We study and select appropriate keywords for your core business

– We optimize/positioning your the landing pages

– We open a Baidu account for you and responsible for all the administrative process with Baidu

– We start, monitor and manage the promotional actions

– We control your budget and regularly we make necessary modifications

– Measurement and analysis of the results with a precise evaluation on the pertinence of the SEM campaign


Our main advantages :

– Deep insight in the business of our clients

– Optimization of the campaign

– Optimal management of the budget

– Clear overall report

– Really competititve price


Our prices

– 80% of the budget for Baidu (start from 6 500 RMB, demand from Baidu)

– 10% of the budget for webpage optimization and the reporting

– 10% for the management of the campaign


We work with small budgets

The minimum budget is 1 000€ – 8 000 RMB


You can speak with us about your project via :

Email : marketingtochina[at]

Skype : olivier.verot

or Telephon 0086 021 623 105 20