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Baidu the most effective way to do marketing in China

As the technology is rapidly developing, the Internet has become very important in the work and the daily life (see article). The digital environment led a great revolution in the Chinese market and in marketing and communication strategies, but also in the habits of Chinese consumers. Baidu is the leading search engine in China with over 400 million of active users. It could be compared to the giant Google. It is a tool for anyone wishing to do SEO in China and reach the maximum of consumers. Baidu SEO has the largest market shares in China and offers new products all the time. Optimizing SEO Baidu is very special (and difficult) and differs from Google. Finally, Baidu SEO is generally more expensive, because the inclusion of Baidu is longer and competition is generally more intense than Google.

Up, here the example of Louis Vuitton on Baidu

Typing Vuitton in the search bar of Baidu, we can see the PPC surface with a video and a photo of Vuitton to attract directly the eye of the user to the brand. Then, comes the SEO with the brand website and more information. Users will have to click in the usual way on the first site, which they can trust. On the right, you can see more pictures to promote the brand. You will also have links to different social networks where Vuitton is present.

LV China


Several steps

It is important to begin with a survey of lexical field appropriated to your business and then optimize your website on one or more keywords. Following this, it is possible to open an account with Baidu to start your e-marketing strategy. Do not forget to always coordinate and control the promotion in order to make changes if it is necessary. The analysis results show that the strategy adopted is good and if not, how to improve it to reach the objectives.


Baidu, Why is it so effective?

The biggest brands in China use Baidu to increase their visibility on the web. The digital advertising is increasingly used and shows good results. Indeed, the Internet is now present everywhere and people spend most of their time on the web. Baidu, therefore, helps you to promote your products or services by giving you the most information if you still have doubts about the strategy to put in place.

Pay Per Click is another SEO technic, but you have to pay.

Baidu will be able to customize and personalize your ads on the Internet and show the results of search engines (advertising logo, slogan, description, photos, video, animation, news, links, etc.) You will need a complete content and a good structure to have an effective SEO.


Why is it effective to do promotion on Baidu Brandlink?

By promoting on Baidu, you will be able to improve the visibility of your brand and build your digital marketing strategy in China. If you are an e-commerce site (see article), you can expand your business operations to the Chinese people. In addition, you will have more control over the content of your information by giving them importance. All this created an increase in sales and customers. Being on the search engine in China is mandatory for a successful trade. Promotion on offline media no longer works as well as before. That’s why companies are focusing their efforts on increasing their online budget.

PPC: Payment Per Click

PPC is the amount paid by an advertiser to a search engine for bringing a visitor click the link from an advertisement (text, image, video…) to the site of the advertiser. This is another way to do SEO on the Chinese Internet. PPC is a paid technique. Indeed, companies must be prepared to provide more budgets for their digital strategy. Advertising space is attractive and SEO results will be faster and more efficient. The promotion will be made on the first three positions of the sponsor’s links on Baidu. The results appear before those of SEO.

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  1. Good article Olivier, despite all the other marketing channels in China, of which there are many, Baidu is still the number ! choice of most Chinese when entering the Internet.
    Use Baidu as your main branding tool and direct consumers to more targeted options from there.

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