Only 30% ads allowed, Baidu changes its Algorythm today

Today the punishment of Baidu is effective and the number search Engine in China has to limit the number of Ads on his first page to 30%.


Even on Super competitive keywords like Investment Oversea the number of Ads is limited to 4 on 10 results


Baidu 2



The advertising on the right disapear and on the bottom the same.

Beijing asked Baidu to be more clear about the Ads  “They become Blue” 

The control on Advertiser will be even more strict


Search on “English Training”

Enlglish training



Opportunities for SEO companies in China.

Because the Advertising decrease, it will cost more and be less effective.

Brands and companies if they want to appear they have to invest in Search Engine optimization  SEO…

Good News for Gentlemen Marketing Agency 😉



More than 1000 articles already speaks about that.

Sohu , , Ifeng 


Baidu Tips to survive to the crisis : Increase your budget

baidu efficient


email from Official Baidu

IMPORTANT: Change of Baidu Search Ads Display


Dear Advertiser,


Thank you for your continued support to Baidu advertising and China Search (Asia) Limited. As informed by Baidu there is an adjustment of search ads display with effect from May 23. To protect the interests and user experience of internet users and to implement the rectifications as provided by Cyberspace Administration of China, the number of ads will be reduced to not exceeding 30% of the total on the page.


To minimize the impact on your ads, please kindly take the following actions:


  1.   Up-bid your ads to ensure the ad is in the top 4 positions
  2.   Enhance the ad quality score
  3.   Increase the coverage of your ads by adopting products like Landmark and Display Network 


Please feel free to contact your Account Manager for any questions and support for ads optimization and products adoption.


Thank you for your support again.


China Search (Asia) Limited





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