The iPhone 6 has not been generating only good advertising worldwide

Everything revolving around the iPhone 6 has undoubtedly generated a lot of buzz … Including some of which the American company could have done without.

Hunger strategy for the Chinese market

Sales of the technology giant rose by 18% during the first half of 2014, this growth makes China the region in which Apple’s sales are growing the most.


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Yet China is far from being among the first on Apple distribution list. The reasons are not really clear. Is it really because of the government or Apple ? Still, after a partnership with China Mobile, Apple has thus been given access to a potential market of 1.3 billion customers. So the iPhone 6 will be a good test in the Chinese market to assess its profitability and potential  .

And don’t believe for a second that all is rosy for the tech giant launching in the Middle Kingdom. It is far from the only one, and this time it’s local competitors he has to face , already well established for most, Chinese, and they know their customers well.

Of course, Apple’s growth in this sector is important and will continue to reach sky-high proportions  but it will also be the same for the local competitor like Xiaomi who has a very aggressive marketing strategy making it the top rising phone maker company.


The hunger strategy of Apple’s hunger does not she will turn against it if it waits too ? According comparisons , Apple phones have two weaknesses that screens and price.

Indeed, the iPhone is still a sign of social success , a symbol of luxury , but others are starting to have that kind of reputation. Then, according to studies, are 40 screens Smartphone has a screen 5, that is to say, larger than many version of the Iphone 6 Of course, one of the versions of the Iphone 6 has a screen 5’5. Will it be enough?

Finally, when the different between government and Apple settle their different , will there still time for Apple to enter the market by mostly betting on his many fans around the country?

Apple to make a breakthrough and be sure to win a large market share should be able to campaign effectively using digital marketing which will aims to:

  • Protect the reputation of the products of Apple IPhone and Bad buzz
  • Making E -reputation to prevent untoward event as listed below have too much influence on sales.
  • Then a good relay PR on different media specialized in telephony to bring the strengths of products brands forward would also be a good addition .

Based on our experiences with our customers, this kind of campaign , made ​​by experts manage to increase visibility and sales companies in China.

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The Iphone has reached crazy prices on the black market in China.

In some places it is 10 times the price advertised in the USA we are talking about for the last generation of the phone. It’s a few days appeared vendors Iphone 6 in China, illegally acquired course.

The smuggler did not hesitate to lead their customers expect from Apple stores to sell at exorbitant prices to people who prefer to spend big bucks to have the latest Iphone before everyone


The cheapest version of the iPhone , selling to the USA about 200 USD with a package is purchased in China for about 1500 USD .

Yet smugglers say it’s a bargain because the Iphone is not findable anywhere within China . Members of their network expect Hong Kong, it has already been delivered in 6 Iphone Then the phones are smuggled into China to be sold in the streets in the next few days.

At least 13 employees of Apple’s factories are suffering from leukemia in 2010

Apple is currently investigating in its own factories to try to limit the damage caused by the discovery of a disturbing number of cases of leukemia among workers at its plants . Physicians, families of employees believe that it is the chemicals used to clean the machines that are the cause.

Picture shenzheny

One of the most publicized example was undoubtedly the case of Yi Long , 22, who has since died , who joined the company at a monthly salary of about 190 euros

Online reputation problem for Apple

From the point of view e -reputation this kind of problem related to health, where a company is in question can be disastrous especially for a company as important to Apple ‘s reputation .

With China’s population representing 45 % of the global online population , it is essential to take care of your online reputation in the Chinese market . When a situation like this occurs it experts in online reputation you need to help you protect your reputation and your activities on the Chinese market.

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Blocking shipping services helps Apple prevents competitors to place their products at the same time

Fedex avion

Apple’s shipments are through partnerships with companies such as FedEx and UPS. The size of these items are unprecedented for the holiday period . This strategy undoubtedly heralds a massive iPhone and other Apple products for fall arrival The company uses its distribution channels to full capacity leaving little room for other manufacturers to place their products in a timely manner to the Chinese market .

Apple’s competitors have been denied the services of several delivery companies because they did not have the capacity to care for them , adding that a major customer had already booked all of their services transport . According to the evidence before the client would most likely be Apple.

Last year, a report described a shipment of iPhones leaving plants Foxconn and Pegatron to distribution centers around the world through business delivery with enhanced security measures .

Once in distribution centers , Apple controls the distribution of mobile based applications in color and size

An important impact on the transport industry is not so unusual for this to Apple who already in 2012 had already reserved amount of space delivery very important for the delivery of its Ipad3 , moving down to the center distribution around the world , leaving its competitors snatch the little space remaining

Before the event on September 9 , it is very likely that the iPhone 6 have been issued as discreetly as possible , from the beginning of the sales period .

What was Apple’s strategy here?

With the huge resources of the American company , Apple has just booked a slot during which no other competitor has the opportunity to compete with the launch of its flagship product, the iPhone 6 .

Shipping companies are critical for such companies , Apple has taken advantage of the opportunity.

Furthermore , cultivating the mystery around its distribution date and deliveries to its Apple centers comes down to two things :

  • Protect its cargo
  • Maintain animation around its launch , in fact, when you look a little on the internet, you can find that many online newspapers talk about what that is Apple, of what is going on. Yet in many cases , there are few , or even no hard facts.

A good buzz should attract attention as intensely and quickly as possible to make an impact . So you need to create effective buzz with experts.

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