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Website & Content Optimization

To introduce your products or services among business users, you need to have a website presenting them clearly and efficiently.

E-Business & Lead-Generation

In this digital era our agency is able to help you innovate in China to stand out and reach as many leads as possible.

Search Engine Marketing

We are a SEO agency specialized in the Baidu Chinese search engine which boasts a 75% market share. It is very different from Google. SEO is important to generate more visibility.


Being visible is the key in China. The more you are visible, the more traffic and leads you can generate, businesses need to see you are a trustworthy proposition in the Chinese market.

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After 6 years located in the stimulating city of Shanghai, we are experts of China. Thanks to our passion for great work, we already helped many companies to enter the Chinese market through digital marketing. Here are some of our case studies.

More about B2B in China

The Chinese market

The Chinese market has been expanding for several years, and B2B is no exception. It may be time for you to consider your presence in this market, it offers great potential for continued growth. Today, digital is the most integral part of the market, and significantly affects Chinese purchases. Moreover, e-commerce is booming in terms of sales and market value so utilizing specialist help is indispensable. In today’s modern in B2B in China, digital landscape these practices have become increasingly sidelined in favor of a comprehensive, highly visible, online presence. The focus is now on digital, online strategies. With the internet it is easier to search, identify and compare quality suppliers, especially with the strong customer review based culture in China. You can check information about companies to ensure they are trustworthy and provide a legitimate service. Online buyers also learn how to get the best offer and can learn a variety of techniques in order to manage their suppliers more effectively.


How to attract Chinese customers ?

Having a good website is important in China, and new Chinese buyers are more and more sensitive to a nice design, clear offers, intuitive navigation and a site full of persuasive information demonstrating the advantage of being involved with your business proposition. Website content should be translated into Mandarin with Chinese specific imagery and visuals developed. In B2B, the qualified traffic comes directly from online research. This is logical. From the buyers perspective, they will initially search for keywords via the Chinese search engine ‘’Baidu’’. This is the number one search engine in China.