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Website & Content Optimization

To introduce your products or services among business users, you need to have a Chinese website adapted to the needs of the Chinese market.

E-Business & Lead Generation

In this digital era our marketing agency is able to help you innovate in China to stand out and reach as many leads as possible with numerous digital tools.

Search Engine Marketing

We are a SEO agency specializing in the Baidu Chinese search engine which boasts a 70% market share. Baidu SEO is important to generate more visibility and credibility for your brand in China.

Visibility (Social Media, Forums, PR)

Being visible is the key in China. The more you are visible, the more traffic and leads you can generate, businesses need to see you are a trustworthy proposition in the Chinese market.

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After 10 years of experience in the Chinese market, we have the expertise and know-how on what works and what doesn't when it comes to B2B marketing in China. Thanks to our passion for great work, we already helped many companies to enter the Chinese market through digital marketing. Here are some of our case studies.

More about B2B in China

E-Business & Lead Generation

The Chinese market has been expanding for several years, and B2B is no exception. Today, digital is the most integral part of the market, and significantly affects Chinese purchases. Moreover, e-commerce is booming in terms of sales and market value so utilizing specialist help is indispensable. We offer comprehensive lead generation services, that are tailored to the needs of your sector and audience. We take care of good, lead generation-focused website, well-optimized WeChat Official Account, PR strategy and more. We make sure you get a steady flow of quality leads from China.

Website & Content Optimization

Chinese website is the first step in your China journey. Baidu (or any other search engine like Sogou) is the go to place for all potential consumers and business partners, just like we go on Google to look for information. This is why, a well-optimised, informative website is a must, if you want to generate quality leads in China. Apart from adapting your website to the Chinese market, we also take care of search engine optimisation, selecting the relevant keywords, links and creating content that will attract Chinese people. We make sure you land on the first pages of Baidu search results.

Search Engine Marketing

Apart from focusing on the website optimisation, there is also many more things to do in order to increase visibility in Baidu. Baidu is a whole ecosystem of platforms and websites that work in your favour when marketing your products or services to Chinese consumers. You can take part in discussions on Baidu forums, answering questions about your product category etc. You can also invest in Baidu paid advertising, increasing your chances and visibility. We can take care of it all and more! Here you can see Guerlain Brand Zone on Baidu, with all information and product prices available in search results.

Visibility (Social Media, Forums, PR)

Although a Chinese website and Baidu optimisation is something you can't miss when promoting your brand in China, social media platforms is where good e-reputation and buzz is generated. We offer comprehensive approach to social media marketing, offering tools such as Wechat Official Accounts, WeChat Brochures, CRM, Paid Advertising on Weibo (or elsewhere) or influencer collaborations, so that you gain trust and generate leads on those platforms.


Why should you have a Chinese website?

Having a good website is important in China, and new Chinese buyers are more and more sensitive to a nice design, clear offers, intuitive navigation, and a site full of persuasive information demonstrating the advantage of being involved with your business proposition. Website content should be translated into Mandarin with Chinese-specific imagery and visuals developed. In B2B, the qualified traffic comes directly from online research. This is logical. From the buyers’ perspective, they will initially search for keywords via the Chinese search engine ‘’Baidu’’. This is the number one search engine in China.