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Status Quo of Imported Meat Processing Machine

The size of the market: China spend 400~500million RMB every year on importing meat processing machines. The demand of these two years is estimated to be 1 billion RMB. 70%~80% of the machines in big factories are imported. In average, half the meat processing machines are imported in this industry. Advantage Why so many machines need imported? The quality requirement of the customers are increasing which increase the demand for more types of machines. The quality requirement for exporting meat increases. Most local machine manufacturers are about 20 years behind western companies in technology. Problems: However, imported machines also face problems: High price High requirement on operator After-service(to change the spare parts usually take long down time) Fake foreign brand High operation cost What customers like: To merit from both local and foreign machines, many companies take key high-tech imported machines and local corollary equipment. For example, some slaughtering enterprises only import dehairing machines and abdomen-supporting three point type corona machines, then integrate them with other local machines on line. For foreign machine manufacturers, their targets are big companies because for those small companies, local machines can meet their requirement. more information about marketing...

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Why Danone and Nestle Stop Manufacturing in China?

Why Danone and Nestle Stop Manufacturing in China? . Involuntary leave   Dannone closed its factory in Shanghai because it lose money in yoghurt business. After cooperation failure with Mengniu and Guangming, Dannone began to develop its business by itself. However, its distribution and factory location limit its development. For example, if Dannone sells yoghurt in Guangzhou, it will take 1 week from factory to its retailor which leaves Dannone only 1 week or less for selling it. Needless to say the pressure from their local competitors. What restricts its development Most land surround their plant is sold out...

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E-marketing: a Way to Save Efforts for Industry Companies to Find Customers

How can Emarketing Save Your Time and Money? Let customer find you One of the most important purpose of building a company website is to get customers from it. Especially in industry, exhibition and visiting customers cost a lot of time and money. Is there any other way cost less than that? Yes, website it is. 90% of the purchasers look for their suppliers from Internet. Many of them are using online platforms like Alibaba and Huicong and more using searching engines like Google and Baidu.  more information about E-marketing...

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How Realizing Your Production in China Benefits Your Business?

How Realizing Your Production in China Benefits Your Business? It is reported by BCG that a market for production lines including motors, locomotive is forming with a size of 2 trillion USD. 1. Attraction Keeping the same quality, production cost in China is usually 20-30% lower than that in the west which convince more and more western companies to move their high-performance and automated production line in China, such as locomotive, medical optical instrument.   2. Domestic Demand China is now the biggest market for certain products like machine tooling and RE equipment. What’s more, both efficiency and quality of materials, transportation and third-party logistics. more information about Business in...

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How to Get Customer in industry from Your Website

How to Get Customer in industry from Your Website . Imagine other companies are busy with business travel, exhibition, calling customers, getting rejections…; at the same time, customers find you while what you are doing is only sitting in the office, checking your website, enjoying air-conditioner and coffee… This is the magic of website. In industry, in China, it works.But before you enjoy the result from website, you have to learn something about it. .  . According to a report from google, 90% purchasers start their search on internet. So the first step is to let them find you. . . 1. website...

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