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The Trends of China Instrument Market

In 2011, the turnover made by companies above designated size totalled 615.3 billion RMB, increased by 26.86%. Total sales amounted to 597.5 billion RMB,increased by 26.59%. The market becomes more mature With the increase of the cost such as raw material, labor, operational expenses, the profit margin has been squeezed in the past few years. For example, the profit margin for many branches of this market like lab analysis instrument have experienced negative growth. Imported instruments are still favored In China instrument industry, the trade deficit keeps increasing, hitting record-breaking 17.3 billion USD. Gross import totalled 36.2 billion USD, increased by 5.37%. Mmost of these imported instruments are middle and high end industrial automation instruments, lab analytical instruments, medical instruments. Fast development of local companies Among 600,000 kw supercritical thermal power sets working now in China, more than 30 of them are made by local companies; and for 1million kw supercritical thermal power sets, there are three local companies are able to fabricate them. This fact results in the great decrease in the price of imported ones. The level of concentration is raising China instrument industry is now going through a period of merging. In the past two year, we can see an M&A rush in this field:  China Automation Holding with Wuzhong Instrument, Lishi with Concord, Juguang with Jitian, Zhonghang Diance with Yaohua, Shanghai Automation with Thales (France)…...

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Online Marketing: the Future of China Wine Industry

E-marketing, the future for imported wine in China China consumes 40% of the wine in Asia. Further more, the market is still expanding. More and more companies turn to E-marketing instead of dealers.   The development of the market According to IWSR, the middle and high class consumers in China will amount to 34 million and wine culture spread wide and deep, imported wine will take 30% share of this expanding market. Most wine companies are small in size and traditional in marketing and sales mode. The traditional mode has long been a problem because of its high cost and low turnout. So, more and more companies now shift their focus on E-marketing. There have been more than 100 website specialized in wine in China and this number is still quickly increasing. Advantage Website has already become the first choice for people, especially young people Meet requirements from different customers Avoid the inconvenience of regional differences Less demand for money and time More individuation No intermediate links Easy to keep customer database Disadvantage Fake wine undermine customers’ trust on website Risk in delivery More articles about business...

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A Key Factor Weibo Marketer Should know: The Publishing Time

Study on the rules of time that companies weibo put posts When doing weibo marketing, a weibo marketer should pay attention to right time, right place and right content. This article studies on the publication time of weibo. 1. fans activity on different days of a week Companies tend to put posts on Monday and Tuesday while users are active on Wednesday and Thursday. Weibo users are not active on Monday and Tuesday: on these two days, they will have more pressure from their work, so they are not active to company weibo accounts. Users are active on Wednesday...

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Mar.15: the gala for “post-deleting companies”

Mar.15 is the International Day for Consumers’ Rights and Interests. In China, it is also the day for those “post-deleting companies”. It is reported that the minimum price for deleting one post has arisen to 2000 RMB. Who buys it? Who sells it? How is the effect? How much they cost? Investigation To dig deeper, Legal Evening News picked 3 companies to study. It pretends to be a fish shop owner, facing food security problems and negative reports have been spread everywhere. It asks the three companies to delete all those reports. The first “post-deleting company” reject because it involves food security. The second one charged 3800 RMB for the news and 1200 for the other articles. But they don’t ensure complete clearing. The last one said they can clear all the posts completely. What’s shown bellow is the price list of the last company: Posts on portal: 3000-3800 Print media website: 3800 Popular forum: 3800 Portal weibo: 3500 SNS forum: 2800 Special website: 2600(unit: yuan) Situation now Some companies would like to spend tens of thousands, even millions of RMB on this for one year to avoid online PR crisis. Now the government has discovered this and launched campaign against those illegal online PR agencies. If search “删帖公司”(post-deleting company) on baidu, you will discover that many results are already filtered. the bonded lines means: According to relevant laws...

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Lesson From McDonald’s Crisis PR

McDonald’s PR crisis . What we can learn from McDonald’s crisis PR . picture of China Daily : Mac Do’s Food is past of date  for consumption . The first lesson: speed As a reverse side case, McDonald’s was put on CCTV consumers’ rights protection party . Among all the companies exposed, it’s the first one gave the response. Less than one hour later, MCD made their response on their official weibo account. And its announcement appeared on weibo: (Translation: the violation operation exposed by CCTV in Sanlitun McDonald’shas arisen our official attention. We will investigate this separate event...

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