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Interview of Ashley Galina Dudraenok – founder of ChoZan

Today we interview Ashley, recently she launch Chozan, a plateform that will help marketers to understand Chinese Digital world.   Ashley, can you introduce yourself? I’m originally from Russia but I’ve lived abroad for most for my life.   In 2006 I moved to China’s largest municipality, Chongqing, to study and work. It was an all around great experience. Professionally I learned a lot by working with international brands entering second tier cities in China.   Upon moving to Hong Kong in 2010, I continued working in marketing and PR. I noticed the need international firms still had in...

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Gateway to and TMALL Global

This article entails a comprehensive guide for international brands to access Chinese consumer market via and TMALL Global. Prospective companies and brands will be able learn about step by step process for establishing an online store on Chinese largest e-commerece platforms. They will also be able to choose more suitable e-platform in between ( and TMALL Global) to enter Chinese e-marketplace.   Marketing to China it's also an Agency We are the top and most visible Web & Marketing Agency for China you will find on the web. Our Services: E-Commerce, Search Engine Optimization, Advertising, Weibo, WeChat, WeChat...

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China is a valued partner of the UAE

China and UAE Dubai Internet City (DIC) is the leading technology business community in the region. In a strategic visit to China, DIC explored the Chinese business market looking for greater and long term collaboration with companies from different technology segments in order to promote innovation and have open more partnerships. China Telecom Global-Middle East and Africa, Huawei and Union Pay are already operating in Dubai Internet City and have been celebrating their 15th year at the DIC last year. Huawei have announced the establishment of its national headquarters within the community in order to reinforce the long-term commitment to the region. Dubai seeks more Chinese partnerships ‘’China is a very important market and valued partner of the UAE’’ said the Executive Director of Dubai Internet City, Ammar Al Malik. DIC is a major contributor to the MENA region’s digital transformation story. The Executive Director of DIC sees a huge potential at building this partnership by offering Chinese technology companies the best environment to set up and or expand their business in the region. Encouraging global tech leaders to come to the region is the primary objective of DIC’s visit to China. Dubai seeks to provide a diverse a rich environment that allows Chinese technology companies to innovate and grow their business. DCI’s visit to China lasted from 19 to 25 April 2017, and its main goal was to...

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Ravishing Success of Alibaba’s economy”

Alibaba will create boom in China’s job market In Future, the E-commerce giant, “Alibaba economy” is expected to create about 122 million jobs of the total 415 million jobs available in China’s digital economy. This can be estimated to 29.4% of all the jobs available in 2035, which is equivalent to 31 million jobs available today according to BCG analysis data of Alibaba Group. Services offered by Alibaba Cloud computing and digital entertainment plays a vital part in future success of Alibaba’s business. The success rate is estimated on the basis of Alibaba’s domestic and international businesses that involves...

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What does a good SEO agency in China?

A good SEO agency is Active and provide content(in Chinese), backlinks campaign and deliver Results Ranking high on Baidu requiert a lot of Work ! You want do nothing and rank high on Baidu ? Sorry it is almost impossible !   SEO on Baidu or in or (algorythms are almost the same) If you’re aiming to reach the Chinese digital audience, it’s vital to subcontract the SEO of your business to a professional SEO agency specialized in the Chinese Market. Why? In China, the ‘mighty’ Google is blocked by the ‘Great China Firewall’. Baidu owns more than...

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