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How can Italian luxury brands enter China digitally?

In Dec 2016, a report published by Euromonitor International on Luxury Goods in Italy states that growth of luxury goods in 2016 was slow as compare to previous year. This was reported based on two reasons; firstly, Italian luxury products were bought by consumers belonging to higher income group only. Secondly, Italy is among countries that are facing highest levels of income disparity. However, sales of luxury brands in Italy were benefited by rise in luxury shopping tourism, with Chinese tourists notably supporting sale growth. Although, overall growth remained slow due to maturity in many areas.  Focus on Chinese...

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Consumer behaviour of Chinese users on WeChat

Importance of WeChat in Chinese consumer’s life Today, WeChat is the most useful app in Chinese virtual and digital communication landscape. It provides Chinese users seamless connection to one-stop cybernetic space equipped with all sorts of meaningful utilities of life. It’s a medium to interact, exchange and share among Chinese netizens. The popularity of WeChat has taken groundbreaking turns in China and therefore, it is an absolute “must-have” application for Chinese citizens. The interface of WeChat is designed in such a way that it creates user dependency and therefore customers are amazingly loyal to the application. WeChat’s monthly active...

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2017: 80% of Chinese perform professional tasks on WeChat

WeChat has created, during the last 7 years, a vast ecosystem putting this mega messaging application at the center of mobile internet in China today.  With more than 200,000 third-party developers, more than 10 million of official accounts and 889 million MAU (Monthly Active Users), WeChat remains the most used application in China. WeChat evolves through innovation. According to the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT), WeChat directly fueled the consumption of information of 174.25 billion RMB in 2016 with an annual evolution rate of 26.2%, representing 4.54% of the total consumption of information in China in...

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WeChat E-Commerce Guide

The future of E-Commerce is China is “wechat”. wechat develop a lot of way to defeat Taobao/tmall on the E-Commerce part. Most of brand can create their wechat Shop, integrate their eCommerce store and sell. Payment is easy , done on wechat pay. And brands can work on their community and get their buyers on Wechat account, and redirect them to their product. It is the cheapest way to develop a E-Commerce activity in China in 2017 and offer a lot of opportunities to small and medium Businesses. You want to develop your Wechat Business contact us.    WeChat...

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Quick guide to setup your brand on Alibaba’s TMALL

TMALL is China’s largest B2C online marketplace. It has more than 70,000 online Chinese and international branded stores. In 2008, Taobao, Alibaba’s C2C marketplace, introduced TMALL as a platform for official brand stores. Seeing the popularity and increased interest of international stores, in 2013 TMALL Global was introduced for international brands, to sell imported products. TMALL made less profit than Taobao, in second quarter of 2015, the gross merchandise volume (GMV) of TMALL was 37% whereas Taobao stood at 63%. Online Customer experience of Alibaba’s e- commerce platform  is more or less similar to other international online marketplaces. Market...

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