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Thailand takes measures in luring Chinese tourists

China is the number one source of tourists travelling to Thailand. More than four million Chinese visited Thailand in the first 10 months of last year, according to the Tourism and Sports Ministry. The Foreign Ministry permanent secretary Sihasak Phuangketkeow visited Beijing and talked about a visa-free agreement to be made. And now, a recent announcement from the China Ministry of Foreign Affairs states that negotiation with Thailand government regarding this said visa-free agreement is finished and will be signed soon. With the visa-free agreement in the near future, what could Thailand brands do to attract Chinese tourists in...

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China’s never-ending battle with food and dairy scandals

It has been six years since the very big tainted milk scandal was opened to the public and China hasn’t really recovered from it yet. After the big 2008 melamine in powdered milk incident happened, the Ministry of Health started checking almost every daily consumption product in China’s market starting with dairy products to meat to everything. What they saw didn’t help relieve China’s scandals; instead it gave lots of bad pressure to everyone instead. A many more number of food scandals have been found out in China, involving local and international companies alike. Until now, issues are rising...

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Tasmanian tourism businesses are becoming “China Ready”

Chinese tourists dominate the tourism market in the world. In every possible country to go to, Chinese travelers are seemingly always present, to discover/experience a whole different world besides their own. Every country in the world is now doing their best to welcome and attract more Chinese tourists, knowing that the Chinese are the big spenders. Aside from opening new tourism opportunities, a bigger Chinese tourism market in their country could also mean education and live product export opportunities, and possibly, millions of dollars of positive benefit. Whether it is by creating direct route flights to their country from...

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Jetbay, Your Personal Off Beaten Travel Guide to China

Jetbay, the first mainland-China based startup to get accepted into US-based accelerator 500 Startups, is a site for foreigners acting as a personal travel guide for major and off beaten destinations at great prices in China. The site, which is target to launch on October, will have local travel destinations, event listings, and packages, all in English. Jetbay offers foreigners a chance to discover and enjoy local services at local prices. Co-founder James Tan from Singapore states: “The simplest explanation is the discrepancy of information, foreigners are simply not aware that these destinations/deals/packages exist.” Offers On and Off Major...

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Youth sparking “Cultural Revolution” in China

With a very conservative and traditional culture, the younger generation of China is doing complete 360s from what they were raised from. The Chinese were raised learning from their parents experiences, most of them living and learning in autonomous farmlands. With the development of a lot of things in China, from the skyscraper forest in Shanghai to the social media world of China, times are rolling, ways are changing, and the generation gap is greater than ever before. Rise of the young generation of China The average age of Chinese in China, as of today, is 36.7. With over...

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