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Weibo for Beginners (China’s Twitter!)

Weibo is akin to China’s Twitter with over 600 million registered accounts. The name literally translates as ‘Micro Blog’. Launched by Sina in 2009 it is really a merge between Twitter and Facebook in terms of it’s functionality. With 143 of the fortune 500 companies now on Weibo this platform is hard to ignore the role Weibo plays in a comprehensive Chinese marketing strategy. Here we’ll unpack some key features and marketing strategies to implement on this nifty platform in China:   A Platform for Brands & Businesses Weibo is very relevant platform for brands and businesses. The statistics...

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A Guide To WeChat Campaign Strategy

Do you know that you need a good strategy for your Wechat Marketing campaign…. A Guide To WeChat Campaigns   WeChat requires a Unique Approach A lot of people tend to compare WeChat with Facebook but this is really not the case. WeChat was created by Tencent originally as an Instant Messaging Application rather than a fully-fledged social network. Later it certainly integrated key elements associated with Facebook such as the ‘moments’ (news) feed and user profiling but ultimately the app is more akin to Whatsapp than FB. You cannot adopt the same campaign strategies you would use on...

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You Need an Agency to Develop on (Chinese: 京东商城; pinyin: Jīngdōng Shāngchéng), also commonly refered to as Jingdong, is the second largest ecommerce company in Mainland China with a focus on primarily B2C online retail. They currently hold a 25% market share, are now an official member of the Fortune Global 500 and remain Alibaba’s largest domestic competitor. As of March 2017 JD had 236.5 million active customer accounts and have this year expanded their reach into online grocery shopping, travel and cosmetics. No longer are JD just associated with electronics and technical products, this is a serious contender to Alibaba’s Tmall. For international brands JD & Tmall...

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A Results Oriented PR Agency in China (Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen)

A Results Oriented PR Agency in China PR and exposure in the media is a vital component to any successful marketing campaign. In China it goes without saying that English news and content about your company or brand will likely not be detected. Keyword searches are conducted in Mandarin Chinese whilst users browse Chinese news networks such as News168, Sohu, Ifeng etc.   Exposure in the media needs to be facilitated, it’s typically a four step process: Content Curation Content Creation Content Sharing via Quality Portals Content Management   Curation: We work closely with businesses to take the best...

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Avoid Agent Commission & Attract Students Online in China

Education ‘Players’ in China such as private businesses, online services and formal academic institutions are often burdened by the costs of commission when it comes to student recruitment. Chinese ‘agents’ whom are recruited to work on behalf of education schemes take a high percentage in terms of commission, it is a highly competitive environment whereby ‘sales’ teams will often be outsourced to other players, all working for a slice of the commission for generating student prospects. Indeed a Montreal School board had to defend paying nearly $4.5M in commissions in three years to recruit Chinese students, in 2016 almost...

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