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The New Wave of Chinese Travellers to Las Vegas & How To Catch Them?

Close to 7.3m Chinese tourists are projected to travel to the US between now and 2021 indicating a huge rise in international travel and expenditure from a nation still growing it’s GDP by 7% year on year. The $360 million outbound Chinese tourist industry represents huge potential for savy businesses in this sector. The announcement of a direct flight from Mainland China to Las Vegas will be an interesting development for hotels, casino owners and tour operators alike in the infamous ‘Sin City’. With 350 million middle class citizens, a growing thirst for international travel and the rising popularity...

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The Ultimate Guide To Recruit Chinese Students

Recruit Chinese Students At the risk of sounding cliché, we are arguably in a ‘golden age’ for Chinese international study abroad. China, with a staggering 350 million middle class consumers is undergoing a seismic shift in terms of it’s values, tastes and expectations, especially when it comes to standards of education. As levels of wealth grow so does the prioritization of a high-quality education. In evolving societies, this is always a key indicator of progress. The Chinese, particularly as a result of the one child policy, invest heavily into their Children’s future with an ‘international education’ highly prized. The...

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The Guide To Attracting Chinese Real Estate Investors

You want to attract Chinese Real Estate investors and we can help you. Discover the Top strategies to get the attention of wealthy Chinese People HOW CAN WE HELP YOU? Our international team of 25 lead generation specialists are based in Shanghai, the economic heart of modern China. We look to form long term, serious relationships with real estate companies. We have a proven track record when it comes to lead generation in the property sector and have developed the solutions for attracting buyers from China for residential, commercial and industrial investment. Here is our definitive guide for real estate...

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How does a high-end beer brand conquer the Chinese market?

China is considered the world’s largest alcoholic beverage market valued at over €400b, today imported alcohol beverages account for under 2% of the total market, both an indication of the future potential of the market with a growing middle class, and also difficulties in winning over consumers. Alcohol consumption in China is increasing rapidly with China’s 350 million ‘middle class’ consumers changing drinking habits and trends on a huge scale. As an alcoholic brand you need to be present on digital platforms and create a positive reputation by targeting online communities in order to attract more customers. Beer brand in China  ...

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Thai facial mask brand ‘Smooto’ grow their social media following

SMOOTO is a facial mask from Thailand. The raw materials they use in their products are mainly extracts from tomatoes, combined with Vitamin C, E, and organic moisturiser. This facial mask has many skin care functions including; whitening, hydrating and anti-aging benefits. The brand have grown significantly as a successful international brand and subsequently set their sights on China, the fastest growing market in the world for beauty products.     A Growing Market The health based, beauty market is still growing by 10% year on year as China’s number of ‘middle class’ consumers increases to 350 million in relative income...

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