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Chinese Overseas Education & How To Promote Your Institution

The Chinese overseas education market and how to market your courses online to attract Chinese students. There are more Chinese students studying abroad than that of any other country, making the Chinese education market overseas the largest and most lucrative. Data from China’s Ministry of Education suggests that in 2015, 459,800 Chinese students travelled overseas, totalling to a staggering 11.1% increase from the previous year. 423,000 (92%) of those were self-funded. The Unesco Institute for Statistics states that there are currently 712,157 students from China studying abroad. The majority of these students study in sixth form colleges – and predominantly –...

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5 Brand Case Studies on WeChat

A digital presence is a must for any company wishing to develop its reputation and brand image. From the integration of digital technology with the Chinese population to the emergence of new forms of promotions for brands, digital marketing is fast becoming the only way to market your company or brand within China. Digital platforms have become an integral part of the lives of individuals in China. WeChat, which is the largest social network in China, currently has more than 900 million users. Needless to say this makes Wechat a huge necessity for brands to make themselves visible and...

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Definitive Guide to Selling on WeChat for International Brands

Selling on WeChat WeChat with its 877 million active daily users is now one of the leading sales platforms in China for savy brands looking to tap into such a large pool of engaged users. Indeed sales via WeChat stores are increasing incrementally since their launch early last year with over 125 million USD sales in 2016. More and more brands are opening stores but it’s important to understand this is not a ‘magic bullet’, you do not instantly gain access to the Chinese market via merely opening a store and an official WeChat account.   Why are WeChat...

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Real Estate Firm in China : from Invisible to 80 Investor Leads per Month

  How an Australian Real Estate Firm Go From Invisible to 80 Investor Leads Per Month.   Here I have sought to outline the effectiveness of a digital lead generation strategy, the number one concern for all Real Estate players is quality leads and of course sales, this is an increasingly competitive environment yet highly lucrative if you can brand and market your investment proposition in the right way to China’s growing community of wealthy investors. Here is an example case study to demonstrate how this can be done..   Ronald Serry Australian Property did not exist in Mainland...

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The Importance of Re-Targeting in China (Remarketing)

The new gold mine for Brands in China … Cookies and the opportunities to retarget their audience.   Our Specialist Re-Targeting Agency  China has a huge internet marketplace which is continuously optimized it’s 850 million online users. In recent years, China’s search engines have optimized strongly for retargeting and remarketing to different groups with the development of a series of better remarketing tools for tracking and displaying content to traffic that has already reached your site once. China’s leading search engine is Baidu (think China’s Google) with a whopping 75% of online research conducted via this platform.  In China...

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