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What many tourism professionals concern is to attract high-end Chinese Tourists, civilized travellers with high level of consumption.  The definition of luxury travel for Chinese high end tourists is to undertake a new experience and immerse oneself in a new destination whilst indulging in the very best levels of personal and attentive service, sumptuous accommodation, exquisite and unrivalled levels of gastronomy, informative and educational guides plus luxury shopping for their family, friends, Business circle.

It is travel without stress, pressure of time or daily routine, where your every need is pre-empted and your every expectation is met and exceeded. In an effort to attract high-spending Chinese tourists, UK announced recently that the VISA policy will lower the requirements for visitors from China mainland, a development for which the country’s luxury companies have long fought.


chinese high spending tourist

Many European countries already have relax their VISA policy for Chinese travellers. In Thailand it is the same, no VISA pressure.

More and more countries in the World welcome nowadays Chinese Travellers.


Everybody want (high spending)  Chinese Tourists

Luxury retailers have lobbied aggressively to have restrictions eased for Chinese tourists, all over the world, USA, European countries who spend $2,600 per visit, nearly 3 times the global average.


Chinese travellers


Chinese travellers spent a total of $102 billion globally in 2012, the highest spending tourists in the world. They flock to Europe to avoid high taxes on luxury goods, and to buy genuine products.

Last year the Great Britain hosted 179,000 Chinese visitors, who contributed 300 million pounds to the country’s economy. In France it is +25% more tourists, little bit less in Swizerland

Luxury travel is a privilege truly experienced by few people in China. Mainly Chinese Rich travellers will prefer custom tour , it means having the right balance of local insight, independence and flexibility. They decide overnight locations in advance and choose daily from a menu of recommended sights, cultural experiences and personal leisure time.


chinese tourists

Many Chinese appreciate the luxury of “insider” access to exceptional places : castles, typical farms, fishing vessels, handycraft workshop and artisan studios . They start to like everything that help them get under the skin of society in a way that is personally meaningful.  More information and Figure about Chinese luxury tourists here


How to attract these high spending Tourists?


1 – Collaboration with local Agencies

In China, you can find few high end tourism agencies. Most of tourism actors are focused on the mass market, and sometimes on Business travels… few really know what is really luxury , because they will focuse on cost saving, and large profits.

Collaborate with this local company can be easy or quite difficult for real professionals. They are not really focus on the satifaction of the customers and will sale everything to get the sales.

Most of the profit will go to their side, they will decrease the margin to the partner as low as they can.

It is a good way to start to have your first Chinese travellers and to understand Chinese Travellers expectations.


2- Internet

70% of High End Tourist in China use Internet for their booking and searching information. So that is the place to be. most of them are quite disapointed with their local partners who sell normal travel at Luxury price, so many get used to book online local luxury agency.

Most of them ca not speak English, and would like to have a local guide plus an agency who plans everything for them. They expected from agencies, not only mean opulence, comfort, it is for them the full journey of the traveller from the point they make that 1st conversation to discuss their needs. Luxury travel means something special, where you can relay on, relax and enjoy the experience safe in the knowledge that every aspect will surpass their expectation. They pay more so they want get more, it is Chinese mentallity.

High class travel is the service they receive, the knowledge of the travel local consultant, the trip should all have an air of being a cut-above before they arrive at a hotel/resort

Internet will give them a lot of details, information and the opportunity to travel differently.


How to use Internet to catch their attention

A website in Chinese

Most of them can not speak very good english, and search in Chinese. A Website in Chinese is the first step for all the professional want to attract Chinese Tourists. Example this Website Agency


Attract Visitors

The second step is to attract visitors.

You can use SEO, search Engine optimization : get good ranking on Baidu on the keyword who describe your activty. For Example, you are an agency who organized trips in Australia, be number one on the “Australian Luxury travel” can get you visitors, and potentiel customer who will ask for quote.


SEM : Pay per click or Display. You pay a budget to get visitors on your website, it is an efficient short term strategy.


Social Media : nowadays social media in China is booming. Weibo and wechat are the 2 top social network site. Weibo is more popular for travel. Weibo need speciliazed Marketing Strategy

Have a weibo account and organize weibo campaign can be a good strategy for travelling.

Example : this Maldives Resorts weibo!

maldives Tourism China


Content : get unique and attractive content as well as beautifull photo and video is a good way to convince your visitors to choose you as partner.

luxury travel china


People first need to find you and after they have to trust you.  There has been a dramatic change in how we define the concept of luxury travel over the past few years in China, largely due to the booming economic situation and the wish of Chinese Rich people to discover the world. In China, local companies with standard travel has pushed high end consumers from conspicuous consumption towards more authentic and genuine experiences.

Sure, the traditional perception will always hold true for some Chinese travellers, but more and more Chinese People are valuing the personal element experienced on their travels.

For get the trust of these high end travellers, it is more and more difficult, the saler should be confident and professional,  you should have nice website, beautifull pictures and special trips.


If you have idea how to attract these tourists please let comments. (always appreciate 😉  )

If you are an agency and want to attract High end travellers do not hesitate to contact us.


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