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If the number of Chinese tourists traveling to China was increasing these last years, in 2018 Chinese tourists were part of the biggest group of tourists traveling in Myanmar and is definitely leading the Asian travelers’ groups.

The Income from tourism for the country has shown surprising growth year after year, registering an increase of 67 percent of revenue. The total tourism income for 2012 was 534 million dollars compared to the United States 319 million dollars in 2011.

Tourism in Myanmar is a slowly developing sector. Although Burma possesses great tourist potential and attractions in many fields, much of the industry remains to be developed. Also, the number of travelers to Burma is comparatively small compared to her neighbors – even outpaced by Laos.

According to the Hotel and Tourism Ministry, 3.5 million tourists traveled to Myanmar in 2018. Among these, 593,391 tourist arrivals (excluding visitors under special entry visas such as social or business visas) were via Yangon International Airport.

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Tourism in Burma has been developed mainly by the government, but many private enterprises do exist, catering to a wide range of tourists.


Where does the investment come from?

Despite reports of infrastructure overwhelmed by the sudden rise in the number of visitors, officials say they are not worried and remain optimistic about foreign investment in the industry.

“Since the new investment law was passed last year, many foreign investors have asked about the situation”, said Myanmar Ministry of Hotels and Tourism manager Khin Than Win CNN, adding that the Department focuses on the development of human resources, transportation, and hotels.

According to official statistics, there are currently 28,291 hotel rooms in Myanmar. The ministry is working on a project for the development of five -star Hoang Anh Vietnamese society Gia Lai Hotel.

If Thai tourists use to beat the Chinese ones for most visitors by nationality. In 2018, 297 400 Chinese travelers visited Myanmar followed by Thailand with 291 231 travelers.



Why is China interesting for Myanmar? 

Since October 2018, Myanmar has been relaxing its policy regarding visa for Asian travelers, Japanese and South Koreans visitors are exempted of visa application and Chinese tourists can get a visa on arrival. This will make the travel planning procedure much more easy for independent travelers that are willing to go to Myanmar.

Also, Chinese tourists are more and more looking for a special and unique experience. Myanmar is a very beautiful destination, with enriching culture and amazing landscape, which makes it a great destination for Chinese travelers.

The increasing middle class along with increasing purchasing power makes China particularly interesting for Myanmar, leveraging these travelers can make Myanmar a more and more trendy destination and can only raise the attractiveness of its cities/landmarks.

How to attract Chinese tourists in Myanmar?

60% of Chinese tourist use the Internet to book hotel, flights and 80% use the web to search for information and make their travel plan. It is important for every resort, hotel, or tourism tour agency to have a Chinese website, and give useful pieces of information to these users.

Social Networks

Chinese people are very careful about the users’ reviews, and Internet word of mouth works pretty well. That is the reason why businesses need to leverage some of the most important Chinese Social Network such as:


# Little Red Book 

Little Red Book is a social e-commerce platform. One of the favorite social network in China. Users share their experience regarding products and services they tried through in-depth articles with pictures, videos, etc. According to Chinese users, Little Red Book is a trustworthy platform where they like to get information from.


# WeChat 

WeChat is a very interesting platform as well because nearly every Chinese people use it as a mean of communication but also because these years the app has developed into an all-in-one app that manages every aspect of its users’ life. For example: ordering food or a cab, book a flight/train or a hotel, top up your bank account, use QR codes to pay or being paid, etc; these are a bunch of things you can do only by using one app: WeChat!

Because the app also has “Moments” (which is the WeChat version of a Facebook feed) it is also a great social media where users can communicate with their families, friends, etc.

The app also is a great way to communicate with brands through official account. Here is a more in-depth content of everything you can do with WeChat.



Weibo also is a great platform to communicate with potential travelers on. Weibo is frequently compared to Twitter, but in fact, it is possible to do much more: publish articles, share pictures/videos, post small texts (like tweets),…

Weibo is a great tool to broadcast Marketing Campaign as well as collecting feedback from users to improve your traveling services.


Press Relations

Press Relations are also important because they will be part of the websites the Chinese Travelers will check on before planning their trip.

The best way to leverage PR is to use a specialized website like CTrip or Mafengwo, that are specialists of travel topics.

Mafengwo, in particular, is very powerful because of its mainly UGC (user-generated content) platform. Users share their experience in posts that are commented on by thousands of travelers. This also makes it a great and trustworthy platform.


Search Result Page on Mafengwo for “Myanmar”

Article “Traveling to Myanmar” 


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    1. Reputation is important in China, great asset.
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  2. i wanna promote our tourism area at myanmar(kaw thaung)
    The number of Chinese entering Myanmar +137 %
    with 154,000 additional visitors arriving during the period January to May 2019 compared to the same period

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