Astrill was the best VPN services in China, but not any more. The specialist of Anonymous VPN services Astrill has a lot of problems now in China.

China has begun cracking down on one of the few avenues its citizens and foreigners have to accessing the full Internet, the Global Timesnewspaper in Beijing reported. more information here

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Astrill has more and more problems in China

China began the crackdown on one of the few avenues its citizens and foreigners must access the full Internet, the Global Times newspaper reported in Beijing.

China announced that it is “upgrade” its Internet censorship disrupt VPN services within the nation of 1.3 billion people, the newspaper said.

The Great Censorship Wall of China has long stuck those in the country to achieve international popular sites such as Google, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

To move, people have to buy access to a virtual private network, or VPN. These services allow a user to create a private pipeline to the Internet, bypassing online censorship in China.

According to Chinese law, companies and individuals who use VPN services are required to register with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, but few do.

Astrill, a leading popular VPN providers in China tweeted that “due to increased censorship in China,” the use of VPN on Apple devices was blocked “in almost real time.”

Blocking “is just a way for China to say” we do not want you

That is the explaination of Astrill BUT it may be not the true.

Astrill accuses China to cover their bad services

Astrill and their Bad services

Astrill has bannish my account for no reason. I already have problems with astrill. They accuse me to use not follow their law.
I just connect with astrill from different place like everybody.

astrill VPN review

Everytime you send to them an email :

Dear Olivier

Thank you for contacting our support team. A support ticket has now been opened for your request. You will be notified when a response is made by email. The details of your ticket are shown below.

Subject: Re: VPN account suspended , please re activate as soon as possible
Status: Open

You can view the ticket at any time at

Check our blog regularly for releases and updates:

After always the same message.

Your account is terminated due to violation of our TOS. It’s not allowed to use our service for spamming, marketing or any automated request against any web site.

Refer to TOS 5.3 You agree that you will not engage in any activity that interferes with or disrupts the Services (or the servers and networks which are connected to the Services). This includes but is not limited to spamming, hacking, network attacks. Using Astrill service with any automated tools (for example but not limited to web crawlers, SEO tools, web spamming tools etc…) is not allowed.

I do not use astrill to Spam, webcrawlers and have delete all my SEO tools.
Friends use SEO tools and astrill without any problems.

After They encourage you to scan your computer.

First, you need to scan all devices on which you use our service, with some good antivirus like Kaspersky or ESET.
Then send us the screenshot of scan results so that we may check.
You can also upload the image on and send us the direct link here.

What I do. I reply … I send 10 emails

Always the same reply


Thank you for contacting our support team. A support ticket has now been opened for your request. You will be notified when a response is made by email. The details of your ticket are shown below.

Subject: Re: Re: VPN account suspended , please re activate as soon as possible
Status: Open

You can view the ticket at any time at

And always the same emails  :


You are not entitled for any refund if your account is temporarily closed due to violation of terms of service.
Your account was suspended because our system detected use of seo tools/spamming tools on your account.
This has been done repeatedly and we have informed you multiple times regarding our terms of service when it comes to spamming issues.

Contact us back if you need further assistance.

Best regards,
Astrill VPN Support

I did not do that. It is totally wrong. 

That ‘s Why you should not pay one year in advance to Astrill. Because they can kick you out like this.

Astrill will not give you back the money 6 month left.

Why Astrill VPN pushs users to Buy 1 year ?

Promotion, discount

I will of course choose an other VPN  , but this time payement 3months after 3 months.

Other opinion on the Web

Why NOT use Astrill VPN

Who Is Astrill Anyway? Dark Days for VPNs

On smartshanghai

Other VPN in China


I know Astrill has them but you mentioned that their Customer service was poor so I am a bit uncertain now.

Any comment , you are welcomed.

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    1. I want to differ with the article. Astrill VPN works quite well in mainland China. I have been using it for some time now and I do not have any issues wit it.

  1. I disagree with this article, I feel Astrill does a great job even here in China. This is not the first time China has attempted to block VPN’s, about 5 years ago they did the same thing while I was using Witopia, which also was a one year membership. Both times the companies notified me that China was blocking them and both times they promised a fix within a couple weeks which they delivered and Astill gave me a free month of Stealth VPN to make up for the outage too. This time when they were blocking it on IOS devices (I could still use astrill on my computers), my Wife’s VPN service from China was also blocked but her company said there was no way around it and refunded her for the time remaining. There was a way, astrill found it and have been using it with no issues on all devices and added a family plan so my wife can use it too (and she loves it, says it’s faster and more reliable than the old one before they blocked it).

    I saw the YouTube video and that was pretty crappy of them not honoring the 7 Day Free Trial or by only posting good reviews, but I have had some technical problems other than the block, and they were fixed my problems quickly. They might be just be mean in the billing area. I still feel like its worth it.

    The bottom line: reasons why services like Astrill and Witopia are more expensive is because they will find a way around these blocks where other companies just give up.

      1. I have been using astrill for over 2 years. i confess for streaming it is a little bit slow. but to surf webpages and download in general the speed is good. just be sure to either be using open web for surfing and stealth vpn for downloading stuff from youtube. and no, astrill don’t pay me shit to write this. this is just my personal opinion.

          1. how can you prove it that you aren’t paid by the Chinese government or another VPN service? by the way, i do not disagree with your article, i think that it’s great but nothing can be perfect and i didn’t read anything like that before about astrill on the web.

          2. I did not say do not use astrill… I say never buy one year cnotract.
            After I wish to be paid by Chinese governement…. but not. Article will be more agressive I guess.
            It is just a feed back that I get with Astrill… but now their after sale service look better since few months.

        1. Olivier,

          Been here three years and to be honest generally a few issues with Astrill but overall reasonably happy . A tad pissed on iOS devices but I have a work around .

          We all have had at times difficulties with many VPN services and part of the problem is people giving up information which PRC love as means they can target, so the less said on any forum is better.
          As for your comments well if that’s what you have experienced well that’s not good , but for me it’s ok a few issues but hey this is China !!

          On the one year well it’s up to individuals to make that choice, me generally happy with the one year and when I travel outside China works a treat on all devices.

          So that’s life and if it does not work for you time to change and put it down to another life experience, but in all fairness it’s not nice to attack people because they disagree.

      1. Hey I am also a happy camper for Astrill. I guest there are some customers who had some bad experiences and I cannot explain why. Still, my experience with Astrill for 3 years made me one big fan especially when I am traveling.

        1. Hi, One more comment today. 3 today suddently all are happy customers of astrill. lol. Astrill is trying to work on his ereputation.

  2. This comment me look so fake, made by astrill…
    They already blocked my account too this fucking astrill and already give them bad review

  3. Using Astrill for 2 years and i had no issue but from past few days it is not working Fine. Their support agent told me that it will be fixed soon. Do you guys have the same issue?

  4. It is pretty probable that your computer has been cracked, and was used for some attack.

    Are you sure you dont use any chinese software / any stolen software. You havent visited bad sites? Even watching a flash video can be enough to crack your machine.
    They probably see in the logs, that some attacks were started from your computer, it is not that the ceo has a bad mood and terminate randomly few accounts. What the use of that?

    If i were you, i would reinstall my system and change my passwords it is good that somebody alerted you.

  5. Astril is clearly not the best VPN. I’m in China. For starters it’s currently not working right now because of this ‘Chairman’s meeting’. It was also down for some time during the Spring Festival in February early this year 2016. I know this because I’m friends with 3 people that use it here. It’s quite popular. Indeed, I used Astril for 2 years before switching to another VPN that is working just fine during this meeting and I had no issues during spring festival either. Why did I switch. Because there’s too many whistles and bells on Astril. I just want a VPN that works. WTF is ‘stealth’ VPN isn’t all suppose to be a stealthy way of browsing the internet. You pay extra for stealth, hmmm I’m paying more or again for what I already paid for in the first place. Keep your techy Astril VPN I just want something I can choose various country’s servers on – including the UK and HK. I simple switch it on ‘connect’ and it works. And I can use it on my laptop and phone. Job done. And, I can with my VPN. And no I’m not saying what VPN it is as the less people that use it the better should China try to target it like they seem to have done Astril.

    1. OpenVpn is a standard, that is really easy to filter, so if a provider only use the standard solution, and the country wants to filter it, it can do it in no time and do it forever.
      Stealth vpn is a custom solution that i guess sometimes pretend to be a skype call sometimes a video conference etc. By the way astrill’s openvpn works outside china, e.g. this is how aussies can have us netflix accounts.

  6. I couldn’t agree more. Astrill is a shit. Very poor service. Any one know how I can get my money back.

    Astrill is expensive. And I trusted this shit company and bought 2 year member services. Now I am treated like a idiot.

    Astrill app is not working now. And They can’t fix it. Below is their e-mail, refuse to refund. What a shit company!

    Hi rick,

    First of all I would like to apologize for the frustration and disappointment that you had to endure in China with regards to Astrill services.
    As, you might have heard that from the past 2 months. VPN’s in China have been in a constant tug of war with the Great Firewall. Our service has been constantly ON and OFF to say the least.

    From the time these issues surfaced we’ve been constantly working to implement new workarounds. We had some wins and some fail. But in the face of such adverse situation we’re still going at it with all we have.

    We want to thank our users for having faith in us and apologize that we have let them down. We can understand how excruciating it could be to not being able to communicate with your loved ones or finish an important project or even watch your favorite shows.
    We believe in challenging the status quo and everyone having the freedom to use the internet as they please. At this point I’d like to address we’re very close to a permanent solution.
    That will reduce the connectivity issues in China. However, it’s something that can’t be fixed overnight. It’s going to take a little while to roll things out and implement them. To prevent such instances in the future.

    Our Live Support/Phone Support is down due to the enormous amount of support requests we are receiving.
    Rest assured we’re still active on email 24/7 and trying to help out as many users as we can.
    We request that have faith in us and we will come back stronger together as a family.

    Here’s a list of solutions that can be applied to get Astrill running and up instantly. Should any of the methods listed fail.
    Please answer the questionnaire at the end in detail. The more data we can collect on what’s working or not. The more it will help us in fixing things quicker.

    1. Make sure all devices are running the latest version of Astrill Application available till date.

    • For PC/Mac/Linux download the latest version here: Please disable any Antivirus/Firewall during the reinstallation.
    • For Android use this direct link:
    • For iOS devices we have removed the application from Chinese Store. Change the Apple Store location to Hong Kong or any other region to get access to the App.
    • Follow these instructions on changing app store location:

    2. On the Astrill Application for PC/Mac/Linux/Android use StealthVPN Mode. On Router use RouterPRO If it fails to establish connection. Try the possible combinations.

    Under Settings>StealthVPN Options
    • Reliable (TCP) Port 8292, 444, 53 or Fast (UDP) Port 80, 443, 8692
    • Try the following server locations: Denver 2, Fremont, Buffalo, San Francisco, New York.

    If StealthVPN/RouterPRO fails to connect. Go to Astrill Application>Help>Show Logs. In the logs if you notice the following error.
    [Error] TLS Error: TLS handshake failed

    This is due to bad routing from the Internet Service Provider and can be easily fixed by restarting the ISP Modem.
    Turn off the modem for 2-3 minutes and turn it back on. It will get the new routes from ISP.
    Now it will be able to connect to Astrill.

    For iOS/iPad use the following configuration.

    First and foremost perform the following step on your iOS and iPad.
    On iOS device, go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. Restart the device.

    Install OpenVPN Connect from Apple Store, the official, free OpenVPN client for iOS developed by OpenVPN Technologies, Inc.

    1.) Login to our website using your iOS device (using safari) and go to Members area then VPN SERVICES then OpenVPN certificates.

    2.) Type iOS as a Description and then tap on Add to my certificates button.

    3.) Tap on the iOS blue folder to expand certificates folder, and select any VPN server location of your choice.

    4.) Tap on Open in “OpenVPN” button. This will import OVPN config file into OpenVPN Connect iOS app.

    5.) Tap on + (green plus) button. This will save and configure OVPN config file into OpenVPN Connect iOS app.

    6.) Tap/Slide on OFF button to connect to Astrill OpenVPN.

    7.) You will see status change from Connecting to Connected.

    NOTE: Do not use Split Routing for China because this is for PC only.

    Astrill should be usable with the following configurations.

    If all fails please answer the following questions in detail. So, that we know what to fix.

    1.) What OS/devices are you using (Windows, Mac, iPhone, others)?
    2.) What protocol/type of connection have you tried (OpenWeb, OpenVPN, StealthVPN, PPTP, others)?
    3.) Is there any Error message?
    4.) What servers have you tried?

    Once again, let me take this opportunity to apologize for the inconveniences and request to work with us in such circumstances. So, that we can continue to serve you better now and in times to come as well.

    Best regards,
    Astrill VPN Support

    Check our blog and Twitter regularly for news and updates. Become a fan on our Facebook page for updates and special offers.

    1. That’s the kind of message that helps censorship to crack down on VPN.s. Great idea rick, posting these advices given by the VPN provider online. Now, just do something similar with the rest of VPN’s… Censors will be so grateful to you…

  7. I’ve just bought a 1 year plan and during checkout, their website did not complete the process. The money was gone from my Paypal but Astrill support refuse to help. They keep asking me to pay again since my account status is Unpaid. I have given them screen shot and they just refuse to reply me. Keep opening new support tickets but no action is taken. Very disappointing…

  8. This is the worst thing about the VPN business – bullshit articles like this paid for by a rival VPN company. The web is full of nonsense like this, and probably Astrill do the same to their rivals too. It is all very dodgy.

    This article is so full of lies and libel that it sticks out as a paid hatchet job immediately.

    1. Nobody pay me to complain about Astrill and you know it… Astrill does not reimburse when they kick you out…
      Now Astrill China is suffer from their bad services… And you know what I am glad to hear that.

  9. Dear Oliver,

    When I was reading your post I was having a feeling that you are trying to get sympathies of others, denying at the same time that you had not broken the rules.
    But in your own post you mentioned that some of your friends can still use astrill even with some marketing tools; if they can use it then it’s sure that you have gone against their terms and conditions.

    It is worth mentioning here that whenever one goes for a service, he/she has to abide by the rules set by the provider else he/she would be punished. I think the same happened to you but now you are accusing them for your own fault.

    Referring to your point: Astrill accuses China to cover their bad services
    You are also doing the same; accusing them for your own negative activities.

    My account was also suspended once but after providing them the required info like PC scan results etc my account was retrieved. They, themselves, recovered my account without any argument.

    I have been using it since years and it works totally fine!

    1. you are more patient than me …
      Good if they give you back your account.
      One day, Astrill will be kick off of China, and I have the feeling than many people like me will not miss them.

    2. @ Sadaf Mehreen
      That is pure BS. Sorry… Astrill is basically dead.. at least in Shanghai and nearby pronvinces since end 2015 beginning of 2016.
      No matter which VPN u been using, the network speed is getting slower and slower…
      I’ve been in China, based in Shanghai for 15years… using VPN since 2004 (I guess)… here the list:
      GoTrusted 2years
      StrongVPN 2-3years
      Astrill 3-4 years
      ExpressVPN 1year…

      my last VPN feedback:
      PC – Windows just OK, some days a total shit!!
      Iphone- Ipad works like a crap… very slow..
      Android phone on wi-fi GOOD most of the time
      Android phone on 3G-4G on China Unicom number, GOOD sometimes… somedays DOESN’T WORK

      u can smile… Astrill is basically dead by now…
      Soon will be ExpressVPN as well… wait for another..

  10. I said bye to Astrill. The worst customer service I have ever experienced. I think somehow they are owned by Chinese. :))

  11. I just updated my page and I”m no longer recommending Astrill for China. Especially now that they won’t give customers in China a free trial or a money back guarantee. Everyone else either gives a free trial or money back guarantee. Their service does work good sometimes but I wouldn’t say it’s the best. Their customer service is certainly nowhere near the best.

  12. Astrill is the worst. I spoke with their tech-support before purchasing my service only to later be tricked into buying a years VPN service, then later they told me I need to pay them $60 more dollars to actually use it in China. it’s pretty shady business practice.

  13. OMG. I’ve been with Astrill for a while and had minor problems but then they were resolved, too. I couldn’t leave them because I fear trying out other VPNs as I think I wasted a lot of time in the past looking for one. I only wish my good experience with Astrill continues.

  14. Astrill is brilliant service, really helpful staff and server connections are marvelous. Speeds faster than normal connections in my country and a massive range of servers to connect and use. I recommend Astrill!

    1. @ amy
      in mainland China no way u can use Astrill on February 2017 and be happy about it…
      “Speeds faster than normal connections in my country ”
      haha… where u come from Malawi? BurkinaFaso? Burundi?

  15. I am a happy user of Astrill. The service is quite good though you may encounter issues here and there which is common in any business.

    1. @ Juliana… regarding your happy Astrill service, please confirm which city in China, and which platform you are happy about (windows, iphone-ipad, or Android phone)?
      What is the download speed when you are happy?

      I might go for Astrill if 7days return policy. I miss the Ipad usage… too damn slow now.

  16. I have an love Astrill. I have tried IPvanish, Nord, and PIA. Of all thoses Astrill has been the best in speed and in response to questions. PIA is a close seconded normally responds in a day or less. My issue was the speed went from 100+ mbps to 10-20mbps and if lucky 50mbps. Still great service though. Astrill I’m still on the 7 day trial and have gotten responses in 10-15mins. My speeds are 200-500mbps on a 1gb line no other VPN is close in speed. The stealth works great I can go to sites that where blocked using other VPNs and they are fine with Astrill. Yes it cost more but you get what you pay for and all the complaints are most likely someone doing stuff they are not supposed to be doing and just mad they got caught. So trying to turn it around on the company.

  17. Too bad some people are getting bad service. I think whatever vpn service we get, we will always have that one bad potato in the sack. I am using Astrill now after failed relationships with purevpn and HMA. Astrill so far is good with some minor issues.

  18. I believe that is among the so much vital info for me.
    And i’m happy reading your article. However wanna commentary on some basic issues, The web site taste is great,
    the articles is truly nice : D. Good process, cheers

  19. Astrill does not allow too much servers switching to check the speed. The system suspends account and i has to do a lot of effort to reactivate it. Servers switching quantity should be increased.

  20. Our company had 13 astrill vpn.
    but they were suspended all today.

    support team said “Your account was automatically suspended by the system because you have logged on from a device connected with one of the accounts involved in violation of our Terms of Service.”
    and no reply.

    Please help this issue.

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