Apple in partnership with Hermes. Apple Watch is hoping to increase it’s market in China through this collaborative effort.


The Apple brand partners with Hermes to market their watch as a combination of “Luxury & Technology”.


Hermes and Apple:

Apple unveiled its partnership with Hermes leather goods for the creation of a watch to combine high class technology and luxury. According to Luca Solca, luxury goods manager at Exane BNP Paribas, this is ; “a great marketing coup”. This watch will not simply attract technology fans but also the affluent, chinese consumer.

Three types of bracelets will be offered. The double tower model with steel buckles, coming in a choice of four colors, will be sold for $ 1,250. The stirrup leather cuff, loop palladium, will cost $ 1,500 and the tower steel loop model, in three different colors, will cost $1,100 or $1,150 dollars. Pierre-Alexis Dumas, artistic director of Hermes, welcomed the marriage, declaring: “this is the establishment of an alliance of excellence, like the horse and his carriage, a perfect team.”

China a key country for Apple

The brand hopes with this variation to capture a greater market share in China, it’s biggest market for sales of iphones and which will, in the coming years, likely be the leading market for all of it’s products. According to the company RedTech / TalkingData, over a million Apple Watch’s will be sold in the month of may in China, representing 22 percent of all global sales of the Apple Watch. For the middle class and upper middle class, who have a high purchasing power and whom love luxury, Apple is a must-have brand. The Apple brand wants the watch to be considered a fashion item, they have featured the watch on the wrist of supermodel Liu Wen on the cover of Vogue magazine in China.

Apple and luxury: a love story


This is not the first time Apple has released a luxury watch. On the first release of the Apple Watch, the brand was displayed on a yellow, 18k gold watch, these sold for 18,000 euros each. The number of sales, however, has never been revealed. By utlizing the expertize of the luxury brand Hermès, Apple has a clear goal in mind: to further conquer the Chinese market. If this is a success we can expect to see more collaborations between high-tech brands and those operating in the more traditional world of luxury; the perfect marriage of advanced technology and fashionable, high-end luxury traditions. The quality lies in the craftmanship.



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