Nowadays in China  mobile apps business can be very profitable. Concerning this field , the market offers a lot of opportunities because the country counts one billion mobile devices.  Indeed, in 2017 Chinese people spent approximately 200 billion hours in apps. Therefore, laching business in app stores , app ads and mobile commerce can be very lucrative.

Who are the users?

In China people spend over 90 % of their free time in apps outside of games. App are uses mostly for communication purpose such as Wechat platform.  Chinese people spend much more time than European consumers to check prices, engage with brands.

This kind of mobile behavior will win a  momentum as leading e-commerce brands like Taobao introduce new app features , like  one-touch ordering directly from a photograph, and refine tactics, including push notification remarketing.

Non gaming categories

Video players and Editors are very used and they generate a lot of money. Indeed we notice that Chinese people really enjoy video and live streaming apps. In addition, there is a significant number of  local apps that are emerging. We also have to mention the importance of system tool type apps also known as productivity app that are downloaded by many people. We can It stems from that China has the largest and fastest growing app economies. The number of downloading in 2017 which is actually 119 billion shows the popularity of this kind of app. This fact can also be explained by the fact that a  new regulation was passed in 2016 , forcing gaming app creators to be approved by China’s State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film & Television (SAPPRFT). E-commerce apps shows huge opportunities since there are 713 milion e-commerce app users. This amazing market is the result of  diverse market dynamics.  The mobile payment ecosystem favor that.

Gaming App

According to a report by the ministry of industry and information, China’s app stores reached 4 million in 2017. Gaming apps are the most downloaded apps in China. We can count approximately 1.2 million gaming apps available in China’s app store which represents a quarter Chinese mobile app.  Despite the new regulation passed in 2016, gaming app keep going. Indeed, 974 apps have been approved in January 2017.

Payment app

The app market is very vast and it also includes games which is actually enormous. Alipay and wechat pay are the leaders on the market. Both have a share of 90% of this market while traditional payment networks such as MasterCard largely participate in mobile payments. Mobile payments are fully integrated in business in China. These facilities of payment go beyond simple transaction utility because they also integrate directly retails. It permits to collect data and establish good strategy to increase sales. Actually these apps enjoy a significant confidence from users regarding security.

Google play vs Apple store

Despite the recent effort of Apple to develop hardware, when one looks at software Android remains stronger to offers interesting devices. Consequently it dominates the market. Tencentmy app, 360 mobile assistant, Baidu mobile assistant, Oppo soft ware assistant and huaiwei app market are the 5  top Android app.

How to market a Chinese app in China ?

You are in China , so speak chinese , write chinese and think chinese !

One of the strongest shackles that you have to face while starting an international business may be the language. Our agency is composed of native Chinese speaker that are able to translate your app. Indeed, read, write and speak Chinese is a must if you want to be successful with your app. You need to make sure that every button is in Chinese in order to make it easier for the user. If having a content in Chinese seems to be logical, it is essential to think about a Chinese name for the app. But choosing a name have to be the result of a long and deep reflexion n because you need to see the competitors and also to adapt to the local market before taking you decision. Remind that Chinese people really appreciate names with a real meaning.

Optimize your app thanks to an efficient design

Connexion is very slow in China. The speed of China’s mobile networks remains very bad comparing to other developed countries and even less efficient than other Asian cities like Japan or Korea. This is one of the reason why you need to elaborate a non heavy design and we can help you for that. If there are too much data, the app will load very slowy and Chinese people are not very patient. Consequently, this technical aspect have to be considered very seriously.

 Be pro active on Social media

Entering in social media channels permits you to use you profile information and friends-list on other apps. Integrate social media is a must but not Facebook or twitter because they are not allowed in China. It is essential to be present on the most famous ones such as Sina and Tencent Weibo, YouKu or WeChat.

If you want to develop a mobile app , but you don’t handle all the details, don’t worry GMA can help you to develop this project. You only need to contact us.

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