Alipay is now available is English !

As an expat living in China, you are experiencing new culture, new languages, a new currency, new food, and a new environment… On your first day, it may seem that you’ve landed on a different planet, and imagine if no-one is here to help, and you’re feeling completely lost …

It must be tough to rent an apartment, wrestle with your property agent or your landlord, pay the rent and utility bills?

How “mafan” it is to order a Big Mac from McDonald’s?

Is it difficult to communicate with a taxi driver to tell him your destination? Getting a taxi in the rain or during rush hour is simply mission-impossible.

How complicated is it to transfer money to a friend in Beijing if you’re in Shanghai? We all know that going to the banks and queuing for hours is an awful, awful experience.

How tiresome is it to go to an ATM every time you need cash?

How do you top-up your mobile phone late at night when all the convenience stores nearby are closed?

On top of that, I guess you must be also very jealous to see how all your Chinese friends shop hassle-free online…

Hmmm, imagine your life in China without all these complications… Well, it sounds a bit unrealistic, but it’s actually possible!

One APP can help you to solve all these problems…one APP which can literally change your life in China.

This APP is called Alipay, and it’s in English now!

You won’t need to carry your wallet, bank cards and cash every time you dash out of the door. Just by scanning a QR code in your favourite shops, the bills are paid. Everything can be done from the Alipay APP: ordering food, paying your landlord and utilities bills, recharging your phone, booking a cab, buying movie tickets, booking trips, and even chatting with friends.

You don’t even need to create a new Taobao account as your Alipay account can be used for all your Taobao purchases. Alipay made the APP easier to use for expats in China. Just get a local bank card, link it to your Alipay account and you’re away!

With the latest multilingual version, you can create and verify your account with your mobile phone, without using your laptop.

Alipay has more than 400 million active users in China, more than 200,000 physical stores and 900,000 taxis accept Alipay payments.

It is the “must-have” APP for daily life in China.

Have a try, you will be impressed!

guide bank card

How can you register?

Download the Alipay APP, create your account using your phone number and it’s done.

Alipay homepage


There are 3 ways to recharge your Alipay account:

  • Linking your bank card issued in Mainland China
  • Using a pre-paid phone card
  • Receiving a transfer from a friend

Option 1: Link your bank card issued in China



Option 2: Use a prepaid phone card

Option 3: Receive a transfer from your friend


Last step: Account verification.

You will need to complete a short form with your personal information to verify your identity. Don’t forget to take a picture of your passport, you will need it for this step. All these steps can be done through your phone.

Alipay is becoming faster & smarter to make your life easier every day !

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    Hello everyone ! If you want to recharge alipay account They accept more than 60 local payment methods and can recharge your wechat / alipay wallet in minutes!

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