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  1. Screen Domination In The World Of Advertisements:
  2. Copyrighting Issue in China.
  3. Some Facts About Market Of Advertising:
  4. Smart Advertisement.
  5. Video Advertisement
  6. Content Marketing.
  7. Viral Online Marketing.
  8. Paid Online Ads.
  9. Social Media.
  10. Targets Of Smart Online Advertisement
  11. Mobile Advertisement In China.
  12. SMS Marketing:
  13. Ads for mobile marketing:
  14. Old School Still Exist.
  15. Fusion of Old and New Advertising

Let s first discover advertising Best Ads  these previous years

China advertising!

Advertisement in China seems easy due to its huge population and technological advancement but in reality, it is extremely difficult. The presence of a large number of players in every industry is making the market more and competitive with every passing day. China advertising market is always evolving and growing due to the huge involvement of customers. Besides other Western countries of the world, television is not considered the largest source of advertisement in China. However, it is very challenging to reach to every customer living in a huge sized country. Although 86% of all multinational companies are doing advertisements on television there are some agencies that are busy in attracting Chinese customer’s attention through digital advertisement. According to the survey, a large number of people use to watch television such as 3.3 hours and this rate is stagnant for the last 10 years. On the other hand, the usage of digital devices has increased drastically this has increased the rate up to 16 hours per day that may be a record since a decade ago.

It has been observed that not only the national market but the international market too is showing a great interest in online advertising in China. Due to this, a trend in online advertising has increased which is quite different from the rest of the world.

Screen Domination In The World Of Advertisements:

Chinese are really fond of both the 52’’ LED screen and also of the screen of their smartphones. The screens in public places in China like in malls, restaurants, offices etc have become the medium of advertisements. In fact, gyms and spas are also among the list of the medium of online advertisement in China. Public transports have their own screens which are a great source of reaching to the customers especially those who prefer public transportation. The best thing for advertisers is that they can take full advantage of this source of advertisement. China is the home of the tallest buildings of the world so huge screens are set on these buildings in order to telecast advertisements that catch the attention of the public.


Advertisers are taking benefits of public transports in a variety of ways one of them is while traveling through taxis in the largest cities of China you will find screens set in those taxis which are meant to run advertisements and to catch the attention of customers in a great number. Advertisers are getting more creative in this regard. Most popular brands such as Sony, Procter & Gamble and L’Oreal are fully using the online trends of advertisements in China that include online ad video making to advertise their products on buildings.

Copyrighting Issue in China

Finally, Chinese authorities, as well as government, have understood the copyright issues of digital advertising. This is beneficial for advertisers as they know the government will not allow any plagiarism in this regard which may harm their advertisements. This system of protection of copyright has emerged talent of China in order to protect intellectual property across the country. Therefore, different artists, some professionals and musical bands are coming forth with different ideas. In this way, not only the way of advertising has grown but also the advertisers are improving the quality of their advertisements. Most popular brands such as Disney have recently charged companies due to the replication of their ads. Therefore, Youku has received round about 32 contracts to run piracy free projects of advertisements through the leading companies in China. The two most popular advertising trends recorded recently are advertising through Bulletin Board Sites and blogging. Every individual is now aware of these trends because of the fast pace of development of technology around the globe. These two tools are considered to be the best ways of advertising in China. They are not only effective in the online advertisement but they ensure direct contact with customers and advertisers because customers share their experiences with such tools. This is the best way that helps in times of crisis when the company has to convey any recalling of their products to the consumers or when rumors spread about any product so these tools can be utilized for direct communication.

These types of advertisings help customers to get updated about the latest trends in any product or any competition in the market and also customers may get any type of news about the products.

Some Facts About Market Of Advertising:

Media has played an important role in developing the online marketing through hyper-targeted ads on social media. For example, Facebook mostly displays ads that are related to your location, age, geography, relationship status and also with the researches that you have done through social media. Therefore, internet users click on the ads that target them. Despite all the countries of the world, China is a country where such tools are not used widely. In fact, China has some different social networks that are not much supportive and flexible as others. These different types of online platforms used for advertisements include online video, gaming, messaging apps, microblogging sites and many search engines. Instant messaging and search engines are thought to be the top-rated searching platforms. The most important online advertising platform is Baidu with the ad revenues of RMB 22 billion in 2012 in China. Besides these tools some other tools such as online gaming and videos have broken the record these sites include Sohu and Youku Tudou with ad revenue RMB 4,7 billion, while the online game ad revenue has reached RMB 830 million.

Smart Advertisement

In China, clicks cost more and more money and Consumers see more and more Message => Brands have to be smart

The smart way to advertise any product or service in China is to make use of the internet because more than 500 million people in China use the internet. So, online advertisement is the smartest way to advertise your products in China and it is most suitable to this digital era. Some ways to do online advertisement in China include Pay per click (PPC) advertisements on China’s search engines, Banner advertisements on China’s Top Social Networks and Targeting online advertisements for specific business assignment, such as real estate. Advertising is an effective form of communication (talk-together) to create brand and product awareness in the brain of potential consumers. Some other ways of online advertisement include newspaper, television, radio, online marketing as well as internet social websites. The Chinese advertising industry is mostly and monitored by the government. Currently, television is the first largest advertising option with sales in ads estimated to be 85 million RMB at the end of 2011. Online advertisement is the fastest growing assignment with last year’s sales at 47 billion RMB up from 4.1 billion RMB in 2005, it is estimated that this year will be the first in China’s history where internet advertising will surface newspaper advertising revenue.

Digital Marketing Chinese

As we know the people’s republic of China is the world’s second largest and growing economy rate in the world with average growth rates of 10% for the past 25 years, as well as fifth of the world’s population it is easy to see why so many foreign companies are seeking ways to market to China. China works with a number of companies who sell into China in international ways as well as companies that have established an operation within China itself. We primarily assist companies with the establishment of reliable and secure payment solutions.

Targeted Ads

Digital China

Targeted online advertising in China super advertising media engines a leading efficient intelligent internet advertising platform of China is an online advertising solution for advertisers who want to attract a Chinese online target public efficiently.

Online advertising for nearly 30% of our valuation for Sina, the company will significantly benefit from first growth in the Chinese internet advertising market is that, which is right now to rise at over 28% annually during the 2014-2018 periods to reach $65.6 billion. Solid growth in mobile and revenues, which could reach $34.4 billion by 2018 according to research, most of the growth in this market, Sina’s market share in the overall advertising market can watch some decline over the coming years its best way to an online advertisement in China. According to internet world stats, China’s online shopping population has reached 10% of the complete Chinese population in 2009 and the number of internet users in China has reached 486 million in June 2011. They spend 1 billion hours online every day and the number will double to 2 billion by 2015.

The most popular ways of online advertisement in China are Tencent, Soso, Sogou, Google, Bing, and Yahoo! China. Tencent became the first choice for search engines advertising to China.


Video Advertisement: A New Trend

One way to attract customers is to show them the product from the best angle. Videos are a very popular way of advertisement because it can be used on different platforms. Mainstream media is all about videos and internet users also like to watch videos rather than reading posters and banners on various social media websites. The length and content of the video are very crucial for the success of this mode of advertisement. It is recommended to keep the duration of the video in less than 60 seconds. There are several companies that provide video advertising services in China. Advertising shows before video or during pause leading companies in the video advertising industry include QQ Video, Youku/Tudou (merged and Function. Nowadays digital advertisers use online video as their strategy. The main advantage of this tool is cost efficiency. This tool is preferred because of restrictions on some platforms such as TV because a lot of ads is being censored due to disturbing content such as the advertisement for tobacco. Such tools are not widely used in China due to some reasons either from companies or from the government. There is more freedom in the content of videos because they are not censored. Besides this fact, online videos are played for a long time and same does the advertisement too. Advertisements are played for 30 seconds on TV while they are played for 90 seconds on online videos.

Content Marketing is More and more important

This is another way of online advertisement. In this method, you provide valuable content to potential customers. The quality of the content depends on the effectiveness of this advertising strategy. This strategy is suitable for small and medium business which can’t afford expensive promotion methods. All you need to do is to develop attractive content related to your product or service. It is very crucial that the content should be entertaining and engaging otherwise people will not bother to read it. The best practice is to find the interesting fact and latest happenings about your product and service then create content with the help of professional writers and graphic designers. You can post the post content on your social media accounts, official websites, public forums, and blogs. You can even send the content directly to your potential customers through e-mail. Newsletters are one example of content marketing. You can see how all kinds of organizations develop newsletters and send regularly to subscribers. You don’t need to create big books, reports, and articles for content marketing. You can simply right few engaging lines in an image and share it with your targeted audience. This is the fastest and easiest way to do content marketing.

Viral Online Marketing

Viral marketing is arguably one of the most modern ways of promoting products, services, ideas, and events on the internet. It is a unique way of letting people know about your business. In this type of advertisement, you create a digital content of any kind like an image, video, blog, poster, and small textual post. The strange things about this marketing technique are that no one knows how and when a content become viral on the internet. Lots of experts are trying to find a pattern to find out how to make a content viral. The only sure is that most unique, innovative, bizarre, and unexpected content get viral therefore you have to think outside of the box. Single viral content can make your business popular in the entire country in no time, therefore, it is recommended to keep this advertisement technique in your campaign and keep trying to make content viral.

Paid Online Ads are still important

Online advertisements are way less expensive as compared to mainstream media ads. Moreover, online ads allow you to select your audience very specifically, therefore, it is considered more effective.  There are lots of different methods to utilize online advertisements. The most popular one is to pay search engines to show your ads on various websites. In China the most popular search engine is Baidu and you can pay it to display your message to your targeted audience. Baidu is used by more than 75% of internet users in China, therefore, it should be your first option when it comes to paid advertisements. The next most popular search engine in China is Google China with almost 10% of the market share. Google has very advanced features for paid advertisements. You can even select the age and gender of your preferred audience. You should pay to these two companies to run a paid advertisement campaign. This method of advertisement is more suitable for business with a reasonable marketing budget but small organizations and entrepreneurs can also get some exposure through this advertisement medium.

Social Media in China: the new way to connect with Consumers

Social media advertisement is the most popular media of advertisement because of its flexible nature and presence of the extensive number of people on various social media websites. In China, more than 90% of internet users use different social media websites to some extent. The usage of social media is more popular as compared to middle-aged people, therefore, this platform is very effective for promoting those businesses which are related to youngsters in one way or another. There are different methods to utilize social media for promotional purposes. First of all, you create dedicated accounts on various social media websites to post about your business and the latest happenings in your industry. You can make videos to get maximum people to your page or group. You will need social media marketing experts to get people to like or follow you on social media websites. You can share humorous posts too because people on social media love to kill some time through humorous posts.


Targets Of Smart Online Advertisement in China

Now the question is which type of advertisement campaign is considered as a smart advertisement. Following are some targets of smart online advertisement and if a campaign fulfills all these requirements then it is the best way to go in China.

  • To be found by your Chinese target audience on the top websites in China ranked by iResearch.
  • Enjoy the low prices to advertise on the top websites in China ranked.
  • Creative media is very sober of the target audience
  • Great solution for special online campaigns, such new product launch.
  • It increases money of audience.
  • Chinese people can get good money through online advertisement.
  • The super advertising media engine system had been believed by 400 world class advertisers.

Online advertisement of china agency serving United States companies who search customers in China. With over 500 team members, some of the top global brands and advertising agencies choose us to establish, launch and their online advertising campaigns. Adage agency is a division of adage offers complete advertising services for American and north advertisers targeted the Chinese online people. Our agency service includes SEM, SEO, social media, mobile and display ad network. We can search set up, monitor, implement, track, translate and surface SEM/SEO campaigns on Baidu and other side search engines in China. According to China daily achieved around 100 Billion Yuan ($16 Billion) in sales in 2012, boosted by the increasingly large amount of stunted by e-commerce business. It is complicated to get access to the Chinese online advertising market since it has a lot of specific and local media ad networks dominating the market due to the absence of Google and other issues. In case spend the budget wisely in the Chinese online advertising market. From the above Chinese advertising market landscape, as we know the online advertising market in China is full of local player except for some global advertising companies like DoubleClick, OpenX, and Yahoo! Etc. Joinville works closely with large pools of ad partners, ad networks and RTB ad exchanges in China, that’s why Joinville can provide advertisers with sufficient and cost-effective inventories to target the Chinese people within or outside China. It is also possible to target the foreign people (Out of Country) groups living in China as well with the technical support of Joinville.

Online Marketing in China!


The Online Advertising in China is going to change when it comes to payment models in online advertising. (CPT) used to be before the daily price model for the online advertising market in China, which is a charge model without concerning the actual advertising result into the pricing. That’s probably why its distribution decreases year after year. Advertising purposes and target, advertising purposes can be brand promoted, product promotion or online business. Advertisers should select different types of online ads corresponding to their separate purposes. If promote the brand, advertisers should put their advertisements on a website which has a specific amount of traffic a high reputation and a people in line with target consumers one ideal venue for this is the normal populated and highly active Chinese. If it is to promote an online business then one should be in Baidu SEM, searching bids on keyword rankings in China’s dominated search engine. Internet advertising is an advertisement that directly or indirectly sells the commercial good or other grocery services through the websites, web pages, internet applications and other options of Internet media including media.

Mobile Advertisement In China: the future of Digital 

Mobile has already become the primary route to the internet for a typical Chinese mobile user. Everything, from searches to shopping, is increasingly taking place via mobile phones, primarily from smartphones but also with the website enabled feature handsets.

Famous mobile applications from e-commerce giants like Taobao, Alibaba, and Jing-dong have made shopping directly from phones a fast, safe and useful experience.

Not surprisingly, mobile advertising has been highly beneficial to reach tens of millions of those users and the new Infographics from Go-Globe backs up those ideas with some great visuals.

  • Video and mobile coupons are, by far, the most famous advertising appearance. This could be described by the fact that videos tend to be the most famous digital content in general that is also easily used. On the other side, the popularity of coupons is probably due to their high practical value and ease of use;
  • 78% of Chinese consumers are more likely to click on a mobile ad vs. only 33% of UK and 29% of US users. What it basically means is that mobile advertising is more valuable in China than in those countries by more than twice;
  • Only 7% of the consumer is China prefer not to be targeted by mobile advertisements over 50% in both the UK and the US who would rather not see them.

Advertising in China: Example

End of SMS Marketing

China houses some 800 million smartphone users, which unsurprisingly has dramatically changed how Chinese consumers purchase goods. Their commercial economy responded to this change using assorted mobile marketing strategies alike to those created in the U.S. and Europe. Now the question is whether such tactics will work as effectually in China as they do in the western world, or if fine-tuning is needed.

Several similarities exist between Chinese and international mobile markets, including how most of China’s smartphone users surf the web via smartphones, regardless of location. SMS is as famous in China as it is in the rest of the world, with 71% of businesses using texts for mobile marketing campaigns.

Ads for mobile marketing:

By now, we have all heard about how in-application advertising represents the next great land grab in mobile marketing. Considering that people with an approach to a smartphone or tablet now consume an average of three hours on them per day, and 84 percent of all smartphone time is consumed in-app, in-app advertising is increasingly advertisers, critical for brands, marketers, and agencies.

Advertising in games is nothing new, but the old model revolved mostly around goods placement. But, as is the case with the TV and movie version of goods placement, advertisers are well educated that having a Coke can in the background of a scene is not likely to sell many Cokes, but having a character drink it in a key moment, especially when the character is really thirsty and that Coke looks so amazing, is another story. When it approaches in-app games, the thirst-quenching Coke’s equivalent is having a brand pop up in a way that upgrades the game experience.

Old School Still Exist

There are lots of organizations out there which still think that the traditional way of promotion is the right way to go because there are lots of people who don’t use internet and smart devices. Moreover, internet users can also be accessed through traditional way. It is somewhat true therefore promotion through radio ads, newspaper ads, banners, billboards, flyers, and pamphlets are still alive in China. Actually, the traditional advertisement is alive in almost every developing country because of relatively low literacy rate and economic situation. The low GDP and literacy rate in some areas of China is restricting organizations to promote their products through the internet and smart devices. They have to use traditional advertising tools to get success in those regions.  Due to this reason TV commercial is still the most expensive way of advertisement due to the overwhelming number of TV users.  So, in China old school of advertisement market still exist and it showing results in several regions of China.

Fusion of Old and New Advertising & 020

When it comes to marketing and advertisement in this digital age there is no clear-cut answer because lots of different factors play their role and it is up to the management of the organization to select the best methods to promote their products and services. The best way to go is to combine old and new methods of the advertisement according to your target market and allocated budget to ensure that all market segments can be accessed. This is the era of extreme competition where only technology can’t take you at the top. You must also come up with innovative ideas to get the competitive edge. All aforementioned advertisement techniques and approaches can help you run a successful business but you have to improvise with the passage of time.

In short, this digital age demands businesses to utilize the latest technologies in their marketing and advertisement campaigns because of the world in advancing quickly. Technology has opened the gate of cost-effective ways of promoting products and ideas and social media is such one example. Similarly, traditional methods can also be improvised to get good results, therefore, the amalgam modern and traditional technique is the way of doing advertisement in China at this digital age.

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