How to Advertise An Energy Drink Brand In China

The Energy drinks market in China continues to grow strongly year after year. Effectively the change of mentalities in the country, allowed a new market to be understood until the Middle Empire. According to Statista, the market is expected to reach a total value of sales in 2019 amounting to 88 billion yuan.

Energy Drink Brand In China

Overview of the Energy Drink Market

The development of the country in recent years has enabled the transformation of individuals and therefore of consumers. These individuals are increasingly urbanized and looking for the latest trends in our environment. The lifestyles of the Chinese population are modernizing, allowing the emergence of new modes of consumption. The development of the Chinese middle class is also a factor of growth and increased demand in the country. Indeed, these individuals have an increasingly strong purchasing power and seek a better quality of life.

Energy Drink Brand In China

The change in behavior within the country has allowed the Energy Drinks market to enter. Previously, this type of product does not enjoy a good image among the Chinese. Awareness of a healthy life, paced by fitness, has allowed this market to gain popularity.

These beverages are now sold in many stores in hypermarkets, convenience stores, bars, and even online. The benefits to its main users are the stimulating effect of these drinks to recover and stay awake. The biggest consumers of energy drinks are sportsmen, the working class, and students.

The undisputed market leader is Red Bull with a market share of 80%. It should be noted that, unlike other countries, Red bull in China is not a carbonated drink.

Growth opportunities still to be exploited

Beverage brands in their promotional campaign usually focus on communicating the product around sporting occasions. In the near future, focusing on various times when the consumption of these beverages is possible other than during sports practice will enable new consumer targets to be reached

The market has met with some reluctance on the part of consumers who find that the products have too much sugar to follow a healthy diet. For this, the brands adapt little by little to these new expectations to offer products with low calories, strong nutrition, effects other than energizing and packaging with attractive visuals.

We can also see a strong interest in natural energy drinks, which will offer a new dynamic to the market. Energy drinks are a market with a strong need for advertising and communication to enliven its community and develop sales.

How to promote your Energy drink brand in China?

Develop your presence on social networks

Being an international brand allows you to have a considerable advantage in the market. Chinese consumers are usually looking for foreign brands regarded as more efficient and quality in comparison with national brands. However, you must have a good brand image and a strong reputation to claim to be loved by these individuals.

Social networks in China are a good way to start promoting your brand on the territory. However, it is inconceivable in China to reproduce the digital strategy that you have already been able to implement in our western countries. Chinese censorship does not allow media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat to be used in the country. So, it’s a whole new digital environment that you’re going to face.

In China, the WeChat application is the largest social network. With a user base of more than 900 million of which 600 are active daily, you will have the opportunity to reach and reach a broad target audience.

The sharing of the daily moments of the individuals is a phenomenon on which you can position yourself. Social networks are increasingly overrun with fitness photos showing individuals at the gym, or practicing a sport with their energizing drinks at their side. The sharing and development of word of mouth will allow you to gain a reputation.

Quality communication through an advertising message

Your product must meet the requirements and therefore adapt to the market to enjoy a good brand image. Having a strong advertising message, conveying the benefits of your drink will allow your brand to arouse the interest of the consumer and want to learn more about you. Several tools are at your disposal for your communication strategy:

The online marketing video:

Posting your videos on multimedia platforms in the country will allow you to gain visibility. The content of your video should be effective immediately to capture the attention of your audience and get a positive impact. Nowadays, a video has more impact than an article by the rapidity of reading.

Using the emotional component of consumers is a good way to generate interest.

The advantage of video is that it will be more easily viral and shared on the different social networks of the country.

Using a Key Opinion Leader (KOL) aka Influencer:

Opinion leaders on the Internet or called influencers are public figures who will interact with individuals generally via digital channels. Influencers have a strong base of subscribers or followers, enabling them to have a powerful influence on people’s purchasing decisions.

For these reasons, they are often called by companies so that they can integrate them into their communication strategy and therefore increase awareness. Partnering with a KOL represents an opportunity to promote your brand. This partnership often hangs in the form of sharing content on the social media of the public personality. Through video channels, blogs, and social networks.

You just need to target influencers in line with your brand.

This article has presented you with some possible ways to achieve to promote your brand in Chinese territory.

Note however that to be able to settle on this market requires upstream, a very good knowledge of the workings of the market if you do not want to fail.

Do you want to promote your Energy Drink in China?

We are a company specializing in digital marketing based in Shanghai and acquired over the years a deep knowledge of this market. Do you have questions or a project in mind? Do not hesitate to contact one of our experts.

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