Gentlemen Marketing Agency is a digital marketing company based in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen but alos France, Taiwan and the UK.

The agency helps commpanies to develop their business in China; reach and communicate to their Chinese consumers.

Digital Marketing Agency in China (Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen)

Our agency has a deep understanding of both western and Chinese culture simply because our members are professional culturally-conscious marketers from both the West and China. As a result, you can find outstanding efficiency and ROI in our service. Besides, to make sure that our clients can use the latest marketing tools, we always keeps up with the latest marketing trend in China.

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Olivier Verot, the founder of the company who has rich experience and passion in China marketing for over 6 years. With his deep knowhow in both the needs of European companies and Chinese customers, he is able to make an offer meeting the requirement of customers and also suitable for China market.

Philip Qian, founder of the company from China part. Knowing very well Chinese netizens’ behavior, Philip always keeps up with the trends of China market and new marketing tools.  As a passionate young marketer, Philip is also strict in project managing.

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