A Quick Guide to Baidu Wangpan

A quick guide to Baidu Wangpan
A quick guide to Baidu Wangpan

There is a good chance that you already heard about Baidu, which owns the second-largest search engine globally and holds a solid 70% market share in China’s search engine market. Based in Beijing, Baidu is known for its focus on internet-related services and products as well as artificial intelligence. It is indeed one of the world’s biggest AI and Internet companies.

Baidu’s most significant service Baidu search according to Alexa rankings is the sixth-largest website in the world and also the first company from China to be added to the NASDAQ-100 index. But there is more to Baidu than just the search engine. Similar to Google, Baidu is a whole ecosystem of sub-platforms and websites. Today we will focus on Baidu’s cloud service: Baidu Wangpan.

Baidu: Not just a search engine

Baidu services do not end with a search engine. It has many alternative services and apps including Baidu Maps, forums like Baidu Tieba or Baidu Zhidao, video platforms (iQiY), streaming services, internet libraries, Wikipedias, and many more.


In addition to these practical functions, Baidu also provides entertainment and information-based community services, like the online encyclopedia called Baidu Baike, and, the star of our today’s article, the cloud service called Baidu Wangpan.

What is Baidu Wangpan?

Baidu Wangpan is a cloud storage service provided by Baidu. It allows users to store their data in an online space, enabling them to access it from any device. With the use of this service, users can easily share files with others or keep them as backups (you can compare the function to Google Drive).

Furthermore, Baidu Wangpan also provides users with a collaboration platform where they can work on documents and projects together in real-time.

A quick guide to Baidu Wangpan

What are the benefits of using Baidu Wangpan for international brands?

Brands who want to expand their business in China may not know yet but their Chinese business counterparts will most likely be utilizing Baidu Wangpan. To access or share any documents online with business associates in China, understanding how the Baidu Wangpan cloud works is a necessity.

There are many benefits of using the service, including;

  • As you open your account, Baidu Wangpan will grant you some free storage. It is not very large but buying extra storage on this service is relatively cheaper compared to its Western versions.
  • Baidu Wangpan makes it possible to share various types of content including apps and videos.
  • With Baidu Wangpan your files will be kept safe. Your content will only be accessible to others when you share a link with them. You will also have setting options for these links. You can set them to expire after a limited amount of time or they can work permanently.

How to open up a Baidu Wangpan account?

Firstly go to the homepage by using this click; https://pan.baidu.com/

A quick guide to Baidu Wangpan

The interface is in Chinese and you may have difficulties having it translated. But you don’t have to worry, we will help you go through the process. Now on the homepage just click that blue button (去登录) on the left bottom side as shown in the image below.

A quick guide to Baidu Wangpan

On the pop-up window, you will be asked to sign up or sign in. If you have a WeChat account you can try to log in via WeChat by clicking on the little WeChat icon (the green one on the bottom). If you don’t then click on the right bottom as shown in the image below.

By clicking there you end up with a new page with the registration process. Now check out the image below and type in your registration information correctly. The information needed goes as follows:

  1. Enter your username
  2. Enter your China phone number- you will receive the verification code here.
  3. Enter your password
  4. Finally, click on the right to receive the verification code and enter it in the box right next to it.

Don’t forget to tick on the Read and accept the “Baidu User Agreement” part.

A quick guide to Baidu Wangpan

Now you are all set, ready to enjoy your account.

Please note that Baidu cloud Wangpan storing any illegal contact among your files means breaking the laws in China. Such files will result in a ban. Make sure to follow Baidu’s rules and regulations when using the services to avoid any unnecessary troubles on your part.

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