A French man set out to conquer the Chinese lingerie market

Today, we interview a young French entrepreneur named Sébastien Grynko, who is already known in China. He has created his own lingerie brand ChatQn and several Chinese sites are already interested in his love story that led him to create his brand of lingerie for her fiancé as :

1/ Can you introduce yourself to our readers

My name is Sebastien Grynko. I am 27 and I am a true Parisian. My father is French with German origin, and my mother is from Singapore. I lived in France, Singapore, Venezuela, Oman and I now reside in Shanghai.

I came here five years ago as a result of an invitation from a friend of mine and a job offer. I continue my training hairdresser Professional I had in Paris. I worked for Toni & Guy. Then I was associated with my boss trying to sell one of my godmother brands in China. This project eventually went south. Because I have an entrepreneurial spirit. I followed up between several different jobs as an English teacher, nightclub manager, model, etc .. Before starting my lingerie brand.


2/ Why did you decide to launch a lingery brand?

For Irina and I choosing lingerie was really something very natural. Irina is a Russian and Slavic women and any self-respecting woman has a huge penchant for lingerie. As the French I had to do something that remains faithful to the country where I’m from. I have not found better than lingerie …

3/ Can you speak with us about Chaton?

CHATQN is a modern and elegant brand and above all faithful to the customer. Let me explain. We want absolutely to take care our customers with the respect they deserve. We want to make sure to communicate with our customers before and after the purchase, remain at their disposal to answer all their questions and expectations.

That’s why we absolutely wanted to present us,  Irina and I, with  our video on Youku. For that our “fans” know to whom they are dealing with and they know that we are available to them via our website www.chatonlingerie.com our Youku page, our FB CHATQN FRANCE and especially our WeChat CHATQN.


4/ How is the lingery market in China?

The lingerie market is very competitive but very open. The brand that dominate have only a meager 4.7% market share, which leaves a lot of possibilities for new brands. Chinese women are increasingly open to a lingerie, first with local brands but increasingly they are turning to foreign brands. Chinese women are different physically and also have a different way of thinking. The mistake is to use the same models who have succeeded abroad because the Chinese sphere is totally different.


5/ Is that France because has a good reputation in China?

Yes France probably has one of the best reputation for consumer goods especially in the high end. I think in the coming years, the luxury brands including lingerie will continue to improve their popularity. The best days are still ahead.

6/ What Chinese consumers want?

I think the key is to consider the customer not only as a buyer but trying to establish a relationship of trust. Putting a face or faces behind a brand that the customer knows to whom he buys and also become familiar with the history and culture of the brand.

I think we must come to China with a new approach. Don’t come here with the same strategies on markets abroad. You must to adapt us to the market and meet the Chinese consumer.

7/ Lingerie market in China is ready to high-end?

The market from the high-end lingerie is new in China. I would say it will take several years before it is really wall. What’s on at the moment is that we are on track.


8/ Can you give us some advices for French entrepreneur in China?

  • Read as much as possible
  • Meet people with more experience
  • Always ask what I can do more and perform, perform, perform…

9/ We have noticed that Vogue had written an article on you, what the effect for you?

This is fabulous. It made me really very pleased to be recognized by such a prestigious magazine as Vogue.

I am very proud to have been recognized. I am so much more motivated and I thank Vogue for their support.


10/ Your partner is also your girlfriend, how to combine personal life and work?

When we find the right person with whom to share his life becomes very simple and CHATQN is our “first baby”. Our love will only grow thanks to this experience.

Thank you for giving us your time

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