Many years ago, an entrepreneur said, “there are no experts in marketing. The only experts are consumers.”

An experienced marketer will not plan for the sake of planning or create for the sake of creativity, they are good at finding a breakthrough among consumers.


8 marketing methods worth learning

This article will share with you eight marketing methods that can be flexibly applied to marketing, operations,  and other aspects.

  1. Social proof is always useful in China

When people are uncertain about their actions, they often learn what other people are doing for reference.  Marketers should tell the consumer that people like him/ her are doing the same thing or using the same product so that the consumer is more likely to do it.

  1. Giving consumers too many choices is not always good

When consumers are facing with too many options, the decision-making process can be confusing, so as to increase the cost of purchasing decisions. Too many choices can cause more anxiety than the pleasure of the purchase itself.

  1. Compromise in the eyes of Chinese consumers

When making purchasing decisions, consumers often choose between “meeting the most basic needs” and “the highest affordable cost.” What marketers need to do is highlight this trade-off.

  1. Emphasize the value of free products

Marketers sometimes use free marketing to attract traffic for the product or service. The thing that needs to be noted is marketers must build value for free, rather than free for nothing.

  1. Provide references for consumers, the Chinese need that

Consumers like comparing when they perceive things,  the results of the comparison will affect people’s decisions to a great extent. A good reference allows the consumer to quickly understand the core features of the product and to evaluate its value.

  1. Label

Labeling is to attach a certain trait, attitude, habit, etc., to someone, which means to make a suggestion to the person that it should be consistent with the label. People will subconsciously follow the label in order to achieve consistency.

  1. Eliminate price sensitivity

The vast majority of Chinese consumers are price-sensitive, when they feel products are expensive, they may give up buying. In addition to creating a sense of scarcity, marketers need to take other measures to make Chinese consumers willing to buy. For example, close the distance between the consumer and the target. (source)


  1. People are more afraid of loss than gain.

When consumers decide on their own benefits, they tend to be risk-averse. But when people face losses, they become adventurers. When people face similar amounts of gains and losses, the losses are even more unbearable. This is because consumers care more about the unhappiness of loss than the happiness of gain.


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