7 top Online Tools to catch Chinese Tourists

Chinese outbound tourism is developping very fast and a lot of opportunities

What are the Top Strategy to attract high-spending Chinese travelers, or Business Group  to your Hotel, Ressort or via your agency….


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Chinese Tourists travel

Let’s male a short sum up of the favorite destination of Chinese Tourist.



Chinese tourists continue to love visit in Paris, Provence, Bordeaux … France is extremely popular with Chinese tourists of varying income levels. France enjoys relative accessibility as part of a visa initiative that allows tourists to hop across 26 European Union countries on the same visa. In the past year, the percentage of Chinese tourists visiting France has jumped by 23.3 percent to reach 1.4 million.



The U.S. government has given a new visa program intended to be more flexible and convenient, because of the initiative to entice more Chinese outbound shopping in America.



Singapore remains a close and highly favored shopping destination. Its last visa policy shift in regards to China was the Mutual Visa-Free Agreement which dictates that tourists are able to remain in either country for up to 30 days without a visa.



Switzeland is a populare destination amoung Rich Chinese. witzerland just became the 1st continental European country to sign a free trade agreement with China…. Switzerland counts as one of the more accessible in Europe, as far as visa procedures,  forms as the main country of travel and tourists have to go through extra processes to be allowed in. S



While England in the past has attempted to streamline its visa process, it is still a relatively cumbersome experience to enter the country. Today, the procedure to enter the UK from China involves a trip to the UK embassy with many forms, thumbprinting, and generally longer wait times than the Shengen Area, which has resulted in significantly less incoming Chinese nationals.



Chinese tourism has grown rapidly in Italy, + 30%  increase in visas issued to Chinese visitors

Italy plan to get million Chinese tourists into the country for the Milan Expo in 2015. Italy has a lot of tourism ressources that Chinese like, Food, Fashion and Culture…




Australia is very popular, the country make effort to  orient their casinos, theirs hotels and with them. Aggressively going after the Chinese market, Australia has made it possible for expedited visas via online programs.

Australia has realised lot of Campaign to attract Chinese Travellers.


New Zealand

New Zealand has invest a lot of Money and effort to change the image of New Zealand in China. YaoChen became the Brand ambassador of the Country and get married there…



UAE are definitivly a Shopping paradise for Chinese. In terms of the luxury market, affluent Chinese are flocking to Dubai to spend money on Dubai’s opulent accommodations. While visa policy hasn’t changed much recently in Dubai City , the current situation seems to be conducive to generating a mass influx of wealthy Chinese nationals.



Germany try to increase the popularity of Its Tourism place , and eased visa restrictions in order to increase Chinese outbound Tourist spending, and in the same year, boasted around more than 1.6 million Chinese overnight stays.



With a reported 56.7 percent rise in tourist numbers from 2010 to 2011 and a year-on-year growth in the double digits, the Maldives have quickly become a Top hot spot for honeymoons. Rich Chinese People love to have vacation in Maldives’Islands. While this country doesn’t require a visa for trips from the mainland, it is a perfect place to understand some of the new destination.


What are the Top online Tools to attract Chinese Tourist ?

Chinese Tourists china



1/ A Website in Chinese

A website in Chinese is probably the first action required to let your customers know more about you. This website should explain what Chinese Tourist want to see, your services, information about the country. The more usefull information you have, the more visitors will atrract your website.


2/ SEO

Search Engin optimization is a very usefull way to attract trageted visitors. To appear is the Top position of Baidu on your keywords will get you many advantages:

– The Position of natural Leader

– Potential customers who will ask you

SEO in Chinese is quite technical and need to optimize your website and your content for Baidu.


3/ SEM

Baidu SEM, pay per clic or Google Adwords is quick usefull campaign to get visitors and leads. The cost is usually high in Tourism industry. You pay to appear in the Payd area, and attract visitor per click.



4/ Social Media

Weibo nowaday is a powerfull tool to communicate to Chinese People. Social media influence on Chinese citizens. Many Chinese travelers use to spend time on  Weibo,  a mix between twitter and facebook, it combines the responsiveness of twitter, looking for information with the social and playful side of Facebook.

Communicating on Weibo

  1. openning an account, obtainning certifications,
  2. publishing interesting content, picture or video
  3. interacting with Internet users


5/ KOL Campaign

Use Key Opinion Leader to amplify your communication is a powerfull tool to influence weibo users. These key opinion leaders have thousands, or millions followers. Use their community can be a very profitable way to increase your Business.

Many destination became famous because of Stars who share their holiday in one Hotel, or city.

Companies have the Choice to be active, invitate Stars, KOL or journalist to increase the popularity of their place.


6/ PR (Public Relation)

Online News are a usefull tool that Marketers should take in consideration, that is why PR in China is a good way to increase your awarness. It allows you to promote your service to a wide variety of Chinese citizens. This communication is primarily with rich visuals or  feeds backs and testimonials from people who has visited the country.

Online Public relation in China and particularly in the travel industry is increasing at a rapid rate.

A new article on a Chinese site can be viewed tens of thousands of times!



7/ Product placement

Film and television is a medium form of communication to inform Chinese potential travelers.

Today, film or other audiovisual up brands in the real emotional and identifiable by the consumer.

The example of Provence is perfect… the Top destination has been exposed by a TV series… Dream links”





I think you’re all in this article offers regarding your communication with the Chinese target.

We offer solution to help companies who want attract these chinese tourist. If you have a serious project, please contact us for further information or see our references !


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