“52% of users say they purchased a product they first learned about on social Media”

This sentence shows us how important it is to focus on social medias as a company because it’s changing the way to consume. In China, social medias are as important as any country. If you are interested in enter this huge market, you have to be concerned about it in a digital marketing strategy.

Here we will introduce you some tips to help you to create a buzz, specifically in Chinese social medias.

Use Chinese Events

As in every country, Chinese people strongly care about their culture. If you want to create a good and important buzz, you have to focus on the national Chinese events. Some companies already understood that and adapted themselves, like Nike who will, for the next Chinese new year festival, launch shoes related to the theme of next Chinese year: The monkeys. Thanks to this initiative, people will talk about it, share pictures in their timeline and have a good opinion about the most famous sports American company. There are also some companies who will create some games (pizza hut or KFC) relatives to this event. More information here.


The affluence of KOL

In order to have an efficient communication and generate business trough the social medias, we strongly think that you have to engage a Key opinion leader. A KOL is someone really famous or who has a great community on the social medias which is able to influence people in their way of life. It means that they can change their way to consume. Company usually engage KOL as brand ambassador. KOL can be at the origin of important buzz because their message, even if it’s the most basic, is spread quickly. The most important is to know how to use this viral effect to deliver the most valuable message you want to spread. You need more information about KOL? follow this link.


To know how to use polemics

Everybody remembers the polemics concerning Uniqlo in Beijing last year. First off all since that moment the traffic in store doubles! Everybody wanted to see the famous fitting room. A Chinese hotel company took advantage of its buzz for a promotion campaigns on social medias comparing the comfort of the bedrooms they provide and the famous fitting room. This is a good way to use polemics.


Video buzz

The trend in China in 2016 will be the videos. This kind of communication is a really good tool to create a buzz. BMW opens the way in 2011 with the promotion of their new car, the 1 series. They use the OVNI fears to attract the attention of people who discovered some weird tracks in a field of dusts. Everybody was interesting in what happened but finally BMW told them that they were their new car who did that. Thanks to this video they generated a strong and efficient buzz.

Be creative

The best way to have a good buzz is to create a new concept and try to promote it in the best way. There are two different interesting examples: Innovation in term of product and innovation in term of communication. To illustrate the innovation in term of product we can talk about Mc Donald, which created a new service: the self-pick burgers. The consumers have now the power to create their own burger so it attract a lot of people, some of them really want to try, and for others it’s just curiosity. When people came because they just are curious, it’s mean that you buzz was efficient. More information about the Mc Donald self-pick burger here.

Mc Do Campaign China

To illustrate the example of an innovative communication, let’s talk about American apparel. The famous American clothing brand lost a lot of sales, so for one of their campaign in China, they decided to hire a 62 years old model. After showing the pictures on social medias, it generates the expected effect and then a lot of people talked about this initiative and this brand.

Be adapted to the Chinese trend

If you want to create a buzz in an environment which is in constant evolution, you have to be aware of the trend, then you will reach easily your customers in the social medias because usually people are interested in everything which is trendy. For example, in 2016 in China, thanks to some new apps, the new trends are short videos. If you want to take advantage of it to buzz, you have to observe the consumer behavior with this kind of new technologies and adapt yourself.


Using the local tradition in an effective way to buzz

In China, people really care about traditions. It’s for you a good opportunity to generate buzz. For example, in 2014, Wechat launched a new functionality, the Hongbao online sharing. Hongbao are the red envelop that contains money, that people use to give to their relatives, friends and people around them. So with wechat, they got the opportunity to send a virtual red envelop to their contacts, which was easier than the traditional way (particularly for people who are far each other. Thanks to that, they generated a huge buzz and 75 million Hongbao were sent. Follow this like for more information.

Buzz in Chinese social medias are really important, and if you want to have more advices, feel free to contact us: agency@marketingtochina.com


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