7 Steps to a Powerful Fundraising Marketing in China

Our Smart Guide “7 Steps to Powerful Fundraising Marketing in China” offers seven great ideas you can implement today to boost your fundraising marketing strategies success. An innovative and well-organized strategic marketing plan will be helpful for your engagement efforts.

To be an effective marketer in China, you need to think of your audience as consumers and your organization as a product you’re trying to sell them. A good marketing strategy supports the entire consumer’s decision-making process.

What is fundraising?

Fundraising is an important source of income for many charities and nonprofits. Unfortunately, fundraising laws in China can be tricky to navigate.

Nonprofit fundraising is the process of gathering money to support a nonprofit or charitable organization. Nonprofits can fundraise through various digital and traditional strategies and engage both individuals and corporations to provide a variety of ways to donate.

Generally, Fundraising is defined by different types of activities:

  • requesting donations to help a person, cause, or organization
  • selling merchandise where some or all of the profits will go towards helping a person, cause, or organization
  • holding events to raise money for a person, cause, or organization.

Online fundraising is currently the fastest-growing channel for nonprofits, and it is also incredibly effective. Forget about the old-school strategies, there are more effective ways of fundraising online for nonprofit organizations.

7 Marketing Tips Every Fundraiser Needs

Creating a strong fundraising strategy for your next campaign will help you focus your efforts and guide your day-to-day fundraising marketing.

Raise more than you ever thought possible.

 Chinese Website: Connect to your audience

Investing in a Chinese market can be particularly profitable in the medium term thanks to their type of economy: in fact, it benefits from a business-friendly market, healthy public finance, and continuous and growing parsimony from Asian families.

One of the strengths of Gentlemen’s Marketing agency is the development of SEO-optimized websites for Chinese search engines such as Baidu. This type of service is enormously more effective than simply translating a website into Mandarin, as often happens because of a lack of knowledge of the Chinese market of foreign agencies. The term “optimized” in fact indicates the improvement of site performance not only in SEO for search engines but also for the Chinese public, with its tastes, its peculiarities, and its weaknesses.

It would be really unthinkable to hope to enter such a vast and complex market without the support of a website that is functional for business objectives. That’s why we always say that you have to be present in China with a site specifically designed in SEO SEO Baidu friendly and designed to respond to the characteristics of the eastern country.

Features, needless to say, that will be different and sometimes difficult to understand if you do not have that fundamental cultural and technical knowledge and yet are absent in mother tongue translators.

PR Campaign: Coordinate your outreach

In 2019 no one can afford to do without PR public relations, those social activities that have always made a difference. Both a large company and a single person, need public relations to make their brand known in the cauldron of activities that flood the web. In fact, visibility is not achieved only with an SEO positioning or with paid campaigns, but also with very specific communication techniques,

GMA develops continuous public relations campaigns targeted at individual territorial initiatives aimed at the public in China. The projects are developed in various directions, both in terms of interpersonal contacts and dissemination through social media campaigns, which can initiate a positive word of mouth, and be measured and checked or corrected as needed.

Furthermore, we can internally and through a network of partners organize promotional and relationship events of various levels

Forums Q+A: Tracking Success

In China, there is a different digital world from the rest of the world. Search engines and social media are different and this is also true for the forums. In China the twin of the Quora site is Zhihu. In a short time, it became the platform of shared knowledge most visited by the Chinese population. All the questions and answers are contained in Zhihu, this is why it is important to know this type of forum, as users search for information, read articles, and do make on many areas, one could be yours!

Personal Branding: Catch your Chinese donors’ attention

Developing and improving the personal brand is an activity that is born when joining activities performed offline and other online turns, the more these two contexts come together the more opportunities become. The key to the development of a strong Personal Brand is to cultivate it. and grow it over time; to make it a successful Personal Brand, it is essential to define your company image and improve your relationships.

In addition to these aspects, it is equally fundamental that the Brand is authentic, without authenticity and substance, the Personal Brand risks being destroyed easily and in a short time, particularly today, because communication is always faster and more effective.

What you need to improve your personal image in China is careful work in the use of social media, a strategy designed to strengthen your own image.

WeChat Marketing: Know Your Audience

time spent online wechat

Distributed in early 2011 by the Chinese group Tencent, a global leader in digital innovation, We Chat is a social media application and media platform integrated into mobile phones. Totally free, in addition to traditional instant messaging, offers a wide range of features

The real added value of this App is sharing. The consumer wants to live an experience: the strength of this innovative mobile platform is to channel all applications into a single social media and to be present in all dimensions of interaction with people. So what are the opportunities for foreign companies with Chinese consumers and how can WeChat help them? Sell their products in China and, through this tool, let them know to Chinese consumers approaching their market. WeChat allows you to dialogue and get immediate feedback on the product, without first having to open a business in China provided you are supported by a Web Agency competent in matters such as us at GMA.

Storytelling: Keep your message fresh

In the digital marketing of a product, or even of a company in general, it is practiced by promoting itself through the emotions that can be generated within people.

This is because of nature, man is the narrator: since ancient times, in fact, we hear talk of “storytellers”, and the stories themselves were told and handed down verbally, through images and drawings, or written.

The human need was and still is gathering information to document situations and events from which to gain knowledge, and then share it. The thing in the company is the same: storytelling, in fact, allows greater involvement of its users, in the most human sense of the term.

Gentlemen Marketing Agency

In the digital world, it can be practiced in various ways and give lots of benefits :

  • Personal stories make you accessible, engaging, and memorable.
  • Focus On The Audience For A True Connection
  • Be Authentic: Stories inspire emotional connections

GMA has the right “pens” to Revise your strategy moving forward until you find the perfect balance for your organization.

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