Chinese E-Commerce Grew 31% To More Than $2 Trillion Last Year, Further Growth PredictedChinese ecommerce market is expected to grow about 25% next year of the overall ecommerce market. There are two main characteristics that you need to know about ecommerce in China:

  • The online retail market in China reached about 143.5 billion dollars in the third quarter of 2015. Even if in 2015, the online market’s growth seems to slow down because market arrive at maturity. However there are a lot of new opportunities for e-commerce companies.
  • There is the new wave of the booming of mobile activity in the third quarter of 2015. In the third quarter of 2015, the mobile retail market has generated about 76.6 billion of dollars.

By taking into account these two main criteria, on question remain, how can you develop your e-commerce business in China?

7 effective solution to develop your ecommerce in China in 2016


Choose the right e-commerce plateform

There are two big giants dominating the market: Tmall and Jingdong. Looking at the diagram below and you will understand how important these two players are on B2C online’s market. These 2 online platforms format have dominated the Web.

online plateform

Tmall was the earliest online plateform in China and has succeed to build a really successful system by having a strict selection of their partnerships with merchants. In 2015, Tmall has registered revenue of 14.25 million of dollars.

Jingdong was an online magneto optical store but after that the brand decided to diversify to electronics sector.

Vipshop is also one of the leading retailer online in China.  More focused on brand quality products and on women buyers. During the third quarter of 2015, Vipshop has registred a revenue of about 1.36 billion dollars.

Besides those 3 players, you have other more specific plateform format such as Jumei for Cosmetics for example.

Optimizing your Content


We talk a lot about content but it is becoming more and more important with the booming of this new digital era wave. Why? Because customers feeling more and more harassed of commercials and ads contents so they are less patient, more selective about the ads they will choose to look at to.

You have to create content that will attract your customer and will let them stay on your website the longer as possible. How can you do it? Chinese people like to see a lot of images and links on the website pages, they do not appreciate to see too much texts in a website page.  You have to think like your user: the content you write must be relevant, professional, and original, another important detail, you have to make your customer trust on your website and make them buy.

Promote your website: SEO optimization

You have to optimized your brand website, there are some key ideas that you may keep in mind in order to succeed your SEO optimization’s strategy

The first point is to have your website hosted in China and your whole website translate in simplified Chinese.

The second point is to put on light some keys elements: discounts, products of the moment, contact link with a direct access to chat or hotline platforms and access to customer’s feedbacks.

The third point is more technical part, you have to create a lot of content such as articles or newsletter related to your website and include as much as backlink and hyperlink to relevant websites (governmental ones for example). Another technical point is to get the trust ranking on Baidu. If you are not really aware of it, please do not hesitate to contact us here:

Branding image , because Chinese need good “feeling”

image Chine

You have to create a unique environment around your brand and make customers trust on your brand and let them join your brand community. The branding image is one of the key success to try to increase customer loyalty, even if it’s really hard to retain Chinese customers because what is trendy might not be trendy in one year. more information on ecommerceblog



E reputation is the Key for Brands/E-Commerce Websites in China

Internet is spreading the information really rapidly and what appears on Internet has a huge influence on Internet user’s actions. We can say, Internet is a ruthless world where bad reviews and bad buzz are spreading even faster. This means that if your company has bad customer’s feedbacks, then, it will take you a certain time to recover from it, you have to be prepared to face this kind of problem and cushioned it.

Another point is if you receive positive comments, then, you have to spotlight them even more to get your e reputation on Internet growing more. more information here

brand image

Understanding Consumer’s behavior

You want to sell your products or services to chinese customers? Then you have to understand how they think and what make them buy this or another product.  

There are 3 main steps: discovering, online transactions and then feedbacks.

consumer China ecommerce

There is a whole system around these 3 steps and I will detail them here:

  • Searching and discovery part is dominated by social Medias, for example Wechat and QQ owned by the biggest Tencent. 80% of the customers rely on the information release on social media beside the official corporate websites.
  • Online transactions, in order to make your customer buy your products, do not think that because your product is cheaper that customer will buy more your products. It is all about your product: the design, the use and the quality/price ratio that will appeal your customers.
  • Feedbacks of your customers. About 80% of Chinese consumers are leaving feedbacks on websites. If you have positive feedback, then you might get more transactions.


PC to Mobile: Towards an M-Commerce market

We will finish our top list with the new wave of online to offline (o2o). People is using more and more the mobile tool to purchase online. With the QR code, you can scan, pay and take your good in store. Big brands have built alliance with offline retailers that are closer to customers and can easily get access to their personal information, physical stores and social plateform. For example, Alibaba has invested in Suning specialized in electronics and has invested in Yonghui Superstores.

online to offline

To conclude, there is a fierce competition in the e commmerce market in China. You need to innovate and be more creative. If you want to know more about it please click here or here.



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