WeChat’s user population of 697 million, and still growing!

Since its creation, WeChat has never stopped growing. Whether in population or services, the social network platform has attracted more and more users, and not just in China but globally too. In a 2015 survey, the statistics showed an increase of 200 million registered accounts, reaching a whopping 697 million registered users in total.

WeChat is evidently the largest communications app in China, not only offering it’s messaging system within a closed network, but also allowing high-quality brands and companies to release premium content and promotions. These functions bring Chinese users comfort and ease on a daily basis.


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WeChat even has a payment service

As mentioned above, WeChat offers many features which eases browsing, therefore WeChat’s “pay” function has largely increased the platform’s awareness and utilization. Now, users are able to transfer money directly through WeChat! Surveys show that $46.1 million dollars were transferred just in January.

In addition, users don’t have to pay any sort of “service fee” which attracts them to use the service more and more. WeChat has also made available the option to transfer funds or pay online, using the WeChat Digital Wallet service.

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Who are the app’s competitors?

However, WeChat’s “pay” service is not standing alone on the digital payment market. Currently, Chinese digital payment service Alipay has an approximate 300 million users. WeChat and Alipay account for the majority of digital and online payments made through mobile in China, hence why Apple Inc. has recently launched their own app in order to penetrate the same market.

WeChat also has another their own gaming feature in which is commonly used by cybernauts. Based on WeChat’s statistics, the gaming feature alone earned $3.28 billion dollars on the app. A rate of 53% higher than 2014.

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