Wechat Games the best way to engage the Chinese consumers

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Nowadays, WeChat is the largest mobile app in China. With more 600 million registered accounts and 400 million of active users monthly, the popular platform is known as the social network having the most influence on the Chinese population. Indeed, according to surveys carreid out in 2015, Chinese people use the app at least 10 times per days.

The mobile app enables users to chat, share videos and photos, discuss with their friends, families, communities. Chinese cybernauts are very connected. That is why it is crucial for new marketers to take the opportunity of Wechat.
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Brands use Wechat Games to connect with their customers in China

Brands have the possibility to create an official Wechat account and get followers who then share, comment their contents, videos and photos. In order to become a brand’s member, users can scan its QR code. Brands need to have a quality and entertaining content to attract followers. There are various ways to encourage them to follow a page and it can be difficul for young foreign companies to attract Chinese consumers. Here are five ways which convert followers to become loyal memberships.

How to best use WeChat Games for consumer engagement?

1. The Wechat Membership function

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Users who follow you have the possibilty to become loyal members thanks to the Wechat “Membership’s” function. They get a geo-located card associated to their phone number and their Wechat ID. A brand can therefore use Wechat account as a loyalty program and send offers to their members such as sales, promotions, coupons or online loyalty cards.

Wechat Games : Your target is sensitive to the way you entertain them. Do not disappoint them !

For example, Mont Blanc brand organised an exhibition called “Black and White” in Shanghai where the brand invited it followers through Wechat. The famous brand set up a game which encouraged users to post videos, photos, bringing followers’ comments. As a result of these campaigns, the brand saw their account get 1,000 new followers.

Further actuality: Montblanc increases Chinese awareness with WeChat gamification

2. Get your QR code

Getting your brand QR code is an efficient and attractive way to your target. In fact, the Chinese customers are fond of innovations brought by the famous platform and scanning QR code is part of their favourite entertainment. Thanks to this feature, customers can have access to information regarding your products, your activity. This puts you forward and brings you more audience !

3. Maintain the entertainment

Wechat Games : a brand has to stays attractive to the eyes of Chinese users and therefore needs to keep innovations flowing. Update your page by posting interesting videos or photos.

The famous Japanese clothes brand Uniqlo has developped it own e-shop app in parallel with its Alibaba and Tmall stores. Its Wechat campaign “Style your life” requires consumers to take selfies wearing choosen clothes and to share it directly on Wechat. This campaign brought 600,000 further followers to the brand.

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4. The impact of communication

Brand communication can be very effective. Every day, the Swiss speakers brand TreeLabs publishes playlists on its page, which so far has been quite efficient: the account’s number of followers keeps growing. That allows Treebals to develop Wechat store where users can purchase their favourite songs through Wechat payments.

5. Bring new customers

nike free starts campaign wechat Game

Once your brand has followers and loyal members, you should not stop your activity ! Chinese consumers will be inclined to participate in the fun if their friends, families and communities are engaged in a brand’s activity. Entertaining campaigns can therefore be very profitable.

For example, take a look at the Nike’s campaign “Free start”. The goal is to add the brand on Wechat: users take photos of subjects, landscapes or objects which interest them and then send them to the app. Nike later replies with a picture of sneakers adapted to the photos topics: a new and fun way for consumers to customize their own brand shoes.

Twist & Drink has Develop a wechat Game to engage with users

To sum up, brands get it ! Attracting Chinese consumers requires visibility on the web. And what is better than a Wechat campaign to reach this goal ?

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  1. Interesting article about the game on WeChat, It’s impressive how WeChat can attract consumer. I think that I will my promote my brand on WeChat game.
    Nike is very clever to promote their brand like this way. A game like this will gain visibility in China. Thank you for this article.

    1. Promote your Brand on Wechat Game ? I suggest you Xavier to read the article again.
      You can develop a Game for your Brand that will be effective if your target like to play game 😉

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